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The first line of the Onward To Victory is to "chose the right nation." The individuals do not know what the right nation is, but it should be known that each nation has a culture, tradition, religion, government, and language. Onward To Victory is not just a name; it also serves as a map, or at least a guide that helps us identify the right path. First, we have to choose the right path for us.

In order to select the right path, we can understand why our future is different from the others; our nation is unique because it has its own laws, culture, tradition, religion, and language. Therefore, we know that we are different from other nations. If we all follow the same rules, we cannot compare or compete with others because there will be no differences.

In the film's progress, Onward is not just a word or slogan; it should be a strategy or concept that helps the soldiers, the country, and the world. We must stop hiding and start fighting. It does not matter if we win the war or not, but we must start acting like warriors to move forward.

The movie starts off with the initial shift of power from a democratically elected president to military dictatorships. As it seems, the presidency will soon disappear due to corruption and thievery. Then the generals will replace the president and the remaining countries of the world will be ruled by military dictatorships. The movie ends with a call to action to continue fighting until we are victorious.

The movie describes a very complex scenario, which includes corrupt dictatorships, organized crime, cult-like groups, and military dictatorships. Although the title refers to the album "Onward to Victory," this is not the first time that Onward To Victory is used. Onward to Victory is also a slogan used by American soldiers during World War II. Onward is also used by the patriots in the American Revolution. Therefore, we know that the movie is trying to convey its message.

In the movie, Russia is referred to as one of the three largest countries in the world. We must understand that Russia, if we wish to be victorious, must be considered as a big country, too. Therefore, we must choose the right country for us to serve.

Two-party system might work to a certain extent but since our nation has different views on many political issues, we must be sure to express the right opinions. In order to determine what nation to serve, we must first choose the right nation to be us.

The movie is not meant to be a prophecy, but rather it is an indictment. It must be understood that the movie will end; this is not a way to guarantee victory, but rather our nation must keep fighting to continue its struggle until we are victorious. In conclusion, the movie can be interpreted as a metaphor of national identity.

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