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No Good Deed

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No Good Deed is a 2020 film directed by Rob Reiner and starring Michael Caine. It's the story of two families living in Depression-era Kansas and having to deal with the aftermath of a local tragedy. It also stars Ed Harris and Carrie Fisher. No Good Deed was written by David Fincher and had been in development for several years before Disney made it into theaters. Although it isn't exactly a top-tier film, No Good Deed does have its moments of heartwarming comedy and some good one-liners, so for fans of that type of movie it should be worth seeing.

When a man named Frank gets accused of killing his own brother with a gun given to him as a gift, his ex-wife tries to convince him to take the guilt off his hands by getting him a good deed for his troubles. He reluctantly agrees, but soon he learns that he'll have to carry the deed to another family's home before the trial ends. Frank gets to work, fixing the car of his friend, Jack, who accidentally killed his brother. Meanwhile, his son Brian is getting emotional over the situation and doesn't want to go on with the trial. Frank simply wishes that he could take the guilt off of his son, but there seems to be little that can be done...

One night, Frank goes out to see his son Brian and asks if he can watch after his dog while he's out. While he is gone, Jack kills his dog and attempts to rape his ex-wife, but when she manages to grab the gun just before being killed, it accidentally shoots Frank instead. Frank then goes to talk to his son about what has happened, but as soon as he enters the house his son sees him shoot his own father. The entire family then finds themselves in the center of an argument, which ends up with Frank stabbing his son in the leg with the gun. With the help of his son, Frank runs off to meet his friend, Jack, at the hospital, where Jack tries to convince Frank to take responsibility for his actions...

Once inside the hospital, Frank decides to start giving to the needy once again, but his plans are foiled by a viciously ill dog. After much fighting, Frank finally snaps and decides that he's done nothing wrong all along and decides to give back to the community that raised him. Unfortunately, Jack has other plans and ambushes him in order to exact his revenge. Faced with a gun, Frank decides that he will do whatever it takes to protect his friends and himself and kills Jack after killing his dog. Before dying, however, he tells his dying father that he forgives him, then he turns into a vampire and turns into a Werewolf.

Throughout most of the movie, we're given hints as to what caused Frank to turn into a werewolf. His final act of goodness, saving a homeless woman from a burning dump truck, is enough to give us a clue as to why he became a monster. However, the actual no good deed that leads to his transformation is the same reason why almost all of the characters in the movie end up evil: greed. Frank becomes greedy because he needs the money to pay off his debts, so instead of using his talents to help people and make them rich, he sells his good deeds for money and becomes a criminal.

One interesting thing I noticed about this movie is the fact that even though there are a lot of technically sound explanations as to how things work in the modern world, the movie itself doesn't adhere to the rules. It is entirely possible that a group of scientists could come up with a better explanation for the world around us, but it is not presented. For instance, one of the reasons why Frank becomes a vampire is because he bites an innocent girl. The girl's mother begs him to stop, but he does not, and so she puts a curse on him.

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