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Night in Paradise

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Winner of four Academy Awards including Best Picture, The Night In Paradise is an award winning comedy directed by Richard Brooks. starring Russell Brand, Anne Hathaway and Morgan Freeman. An unforgettable movie that centres on the life of Nick Nolte. In 1990 a young man from Chicago named Nick Nolte (Russell Brand) moves to New York City with his friend Sandy. The three soon find themselves living in a loft on Manhattan's Upper East Side where they begin to partake in the club scene. However, while enjoying the fun of the nightlife, Nick uncovers something more sinister than he bargained for when he finds a beautiful woman (Anne Hathaway) dead on her balcony.

Based off of the true story of a group of South Korean restaurant owners who decided to open a karaoke bar in Manhattan. The story of this extraordinary group of individuals who were faced with much conflict and personal hardship is told quite effectively through the course of this multi-dimensional and entertaining film. The Night In Paradise is a very entertaining and thought-provoking movie which follows the lives of three loners. Brand plays Nick Nolte, a down-to-earth ex-convict who easily falls into the trap of trouble. Fellow restaurant owner Sandy Lyle (Anne Hathaway) is also a like-minded girl who tries to help Nick but ultimately realizes her own goals in life are not always desirable to him. Brand also finds himself working side-by-side with another ex-convict, Kang (Korean actor Do Sung Hwa).

As you would expect from a modern day Korean drama film, The Night In Paradise features many original characters as well as some familiar faces from the world of show business. The supporting cast also includes Alexander Gould as a bumbling con artist, Lee Byung-hun as a corrupt Korean official and Sung Hae-ju as the beautiful, innocent girl who falls in love with Nick. Additionally, the film has an endless number of memorable one-liners including one from Brand: "What happens at night in paradise stays at night in paradise". It's one line that will get you hooked on the film right from the first word.

Despite being one of the most hilarious films you'll ever have the pleasure of watching, The Night In Paradise is a very serious movie at times. The storyline revolves around the issue of prostitution on the Jeju Island. On one end, a pimp named Tong tries to run a brothel with several female prostitutes, earning a good living and attracting plenty of customers. At the same time, two other pimps, named Kyung and Soo-woo, try to run a brothel of their own by kidnapping a young woman from a nearby street. With this conflict brewing and threatening to erupt into a full-blown revolution, it becomes clear that the local authorities must get involved to put a stop to the legalized brothels on Jeju Island.

The Night In Paradise does not have the kind of seamless plot that most other movies of this genre have. Instead, most of the movie flows back and forth between the main characters, Soo-woo and Tae-gu, who are basically the best friends of Jeju's resident girl, Park Myeong-sook. Tae-gu gets captured by the police, Soo-woo runs into trouble with the law and gets killed, and Soo-woo goes on a revenge spree. It's a typical movie setup, but there's more than enough humor and entertainment here to make it worth your time. And that's what makes Night in Paradise a definite must-see movie...

As one would expect, the setting of Night in Paradise is on a rather large island off the coast of Korea. One part of the island is in the same general region as thewonryong and the Busan Metropolitan Region (which is also where the film is set). Another portion is in Jeju itself, where the movie is meant to reference the area's culture. The locals sport lots of jewelry, and the movie also shows how the local girls react when they're violated. The movie goes deep into the anti-cop sentiment, which is often a taboo in South Korean society (however, it's a very sensitive topic to bring up in a movie). By watching Night in Paradise, you can get a good look at how the government tries to control its citizenry, and how citizens still take their rights seriously despite the risk of serving time for their crimes.

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Genres: Action , Crime , Drama , Thriller

Duration: 131min

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