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New Order

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The New Order is a motion picture that star Nicholas Cage. The movie is based on the book The New Dark Ages by Thomas M.aults. The movie has received warm movie reviews from movie critics of popular culture. The movie is definitely an intelligent and thought-provoking watch.

The movie starts with a series of flashbacks taking us back to Medieval times. The background music for this part of the movie is "The Claddagh Suite", composed by Enrico Caruso. The music is peaceful and mellow, combining well with the picture and portrayed the aura of Old Ireland. The scenes of the story are set in Ireland and portray life at that time. These are the scenes which show how the people of that time used songs, poetry and storytelling as a means to pass their days, and how music was used not only to pass the time but also to celebrate and commemorate the old times.

In the opening scenes we see Michael (Cage) in the center of a crowd being forced to stand under the arch of a giant statue of a king. The crowd jeers and chants "you're a loser, you're a loser!" But Michael is strong and stands his ground, eventually being escorted offstage by two guards. There he gets told that he is to be chief monk and given a large estate.

The next scene shows the monastery where the monks have just completed building the largest tower they will ever construct. The monks are busy creating the superstructure. Michael enters and sits in meditation. Then Father Mulcahy comes into the scene and starts an odd conversation with Michael. Father Mulcahy tells Michael that the orders of friars are to guide, teach and serve the order, not to marry and raise families. To make matters worse, the father of one of the children comes out of the house and fights with the monastery guards, demanding to know who the real father is.

Father Mulcahy then has to decide what to do with Michael, telling him he will have to retire from his post. Michael then realizes he has no choice but to retire. Meanwhile, Father Mulcahy informs Michael of some documents that he plans to give to the government in exchange for his retirement. This would be proof that he served in the army.

Overall, this movie is entertaining for both the family watching it and the film director. They had a clear goal in mind: make a family friendly movie that adults can enjoy as well. A popular movie nowadays would definitely have to have this kind of movie, as our lives are getting more complicated and we tend to watch things with more adult content.

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Genres: Drama

Duration: 88min

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