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Monster Hunter

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The Monster Hunter series is a great series of monster-hunting action role-playing games, which began with the original game Monster Hunter for PlayStation 2, subsequently released on several other platforms, such as home consoles, handheld consoles, and portable devices. Monster Hunter: Origins, for example, is a remake/retecut version of the first Monster Hunter game, and is also available for smartphones. The series is notable for being one of the few open-world games (with the exception of a few prequels) in the mainstream console gaming world. Players assume the role of a professional hunter who goes on a Monster Hunter trek in order to save the world. The story is told through text messages, voiceovers, cut-scenes, art, and various other media. Monster Hunter Online, which is a sequel to the original, is now available for iPhone, Blackberry, and Android devices.

In Monster Hunter Online, players take on the role of an adventurer who finds him or herself surrounded by dangerous creatures, on the search of their own lives, or those of others. Monster Hunter has a number of different classes, each with a variety of skills, that allow them to handle various situations. As in the classic Monster Hunter game, certain skills, or attributes are tied to a skill tree, while others are only activated upon acquiring specific weapons or armor. Likewise, in this series, certain Monster Types appear, each with special properties and attack patterns, making the game more difficult (and rewarding) to play and to progress through.

Monster Hunter Online takes place within the world of Monster Island, a mysterious and vast island located somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Here, people have summoned several "monsters" to fight against each other and against the humans who live on the island. However, not all monsters are vicious and aggressive. There are many types of gentle, non-aggressive monsters, as well as those that seek only to find food and drink. Regardless of which type of Monster Hunter you choose to be, you'll be drawn into the competitive side of the game, as well as the co-op battle system where you can help other players in their quests to kill more monsters and become a stronger fighter in your own right.

Monster Hunter Online is free to play, but offers a number of options and features that will increase your enjoyment of the game. First, as mentioned above, there is the single player game where you assist other hunters in their quests to find more Monster Monsters to fight. In addition to this, you can also compete with other online players for the top prize in the Monster Hunter Online hub and even build your own Monster Village, which can offer items and buffs to your entire party.

Monster Hunter Online also provides several levels of progression through its Monster Islands. Each level gives you more choices as to how you want to progress through the game. For example, the initial level allows you to simply view and select the different islands where different Monster Monsters are available, but a higher level lets you travel to these islands and find out more information about the specific Monster you want to hunt. Monster Hunter Online is an online game that requires minimal management and play-time, requiring players to put in only a few minutes each day to keep up with the progression of the game.

Monster Hunter Online is easily the most exciting online role playing game that I have played in a long time. Playing monster slayers instead of heroes is an interesting twist on what many people expect from online role playing games, and it takes the concept and twists it offers to a whole new level. Monster Hunter makes playing monster slayers not just a rewarding pastime, but actually a major role-playing component of the game. Don't miss out on what could be an incredibly fun and exciting gaming experience. Check out Monster Hunter Online today!

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Genres: Action , Adventure , Fantasy

Duration: 104min

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