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A monsoon is commonly a seasonal reversing cyclone accompanied by corresponding seasonal changes in precipitation, though is also used to refer to seasonal variations in atmospheric pressure and precipitation associated with a more symmetrical warming of the ocean and land surface. This term was first used in England in 1660 in reference to the monsoons in India. The word came to be widely used in other countries around the world in the nineteenth century. The name "monsoon" has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Monsoons are not only responsible for droughts, they have important effects on a number of natural processes. Droughts in Africa and the Middle East tend to follow a monsoons pattern, while the monsoons that affect the tropical Pacific Ocean result in the largest El Niños. This effect is particularly apparent in California, where drought has been a significant problem.

Monsoons affect both precipitation and runoff in different ways. Precipitation changes during the monsoons are caused by a shift in the atmospheric circulation. The result is a decrease in precipitation over some parts of the globe and an increase in precipitation over others. Rainfall rates also vary during the monsoons; in general precipitation increases at higher elevations and decreases in lower elevations.

On the flip side, runoff changes during the monsoons result in a decrease in precipitation over some parts of the planet and an increase in runoff over other parts. The increase in precipitation leads to increased river flows over land; however, a shift in runoff direction can also cause increased stream water levels, flooding, and the development of new reservoirs to replace the previous ones. The increase in runoff also has the potential to increase the cost of drought relief, particularly if the increased flood waters damage property or damage ecosystems.

Both of these large changes in precipitation and runoff can affect plant growth, soil texture, and the development of forests, which are critical habitats for many animals and plants. Because plants can adapt to seasonal temperature fluctuations, some species may experience more than others. This is especially true of trees, which experience large seasonal temperature swings. Other plants and animals can respond to the monsoons by growing faster or slower than usual, and some may even die out altogether.

Climate has an important role in the development and functioning of rainforests. While the monsoons are a natural part of the biosphere, the effects of climate on these ecosystems can be significantly impacted by human activities.

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Genres: Drama , Romance

Duration: 85min

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