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Magic Camp

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As a young banker returns from summer camp, he finds himself in charge of the camp's games and decides to take charge of a magic camp. While still maintaining his playful side, a strait-laced banker returns from summer camp to work as an entertaining and compassionate counselor while still keeping an eye out for winning first prize in the next Golden Wand contest. The story is a very fun one, and includes a very clever and thought-provoking plot that helps readers understand why children love magic.

During the time the story takes place, a new school of magic has been established in the mountains. Campers have the chance to choose between practicing their magical skills at camp or learning how to create a better world and save it from evil witches and wizards. The campers who are practicing at camp are much more disciplined than those who don't. They know what they are doing and are much more willing to practice, because the adults who run the camp aren't paying much attention to what they're doing, so they feel free to just go ahead and get it right the first time around, and get rewarded for it with money and gifts.

As campers begin to take part in their magical activities, they begin to see how much fun they can have playing with things that aren't really magic at all. After all, there are games at camp where one can learn how to do something other than make a cup of tea or bake a cake. In fact, these are the kind of games kids like to play because they are fun, and it's hard to imagine how any adult could even disagree with them.

One of the best parts of the book is when the camp counselors come into play. The story begins in a small town called "The Pines." A large and imposing castle looms above the Pines, and its grounds are filled with magical creatures. The most prominent one is an old woman who is known as the "Green Woman" by her kids. When the story starts, she has just been turned into a cat, and she is the one who is responsible for turning the Green Woman into a horse.

Once the Green Woman was transformed into a horse, she took a long nap and woke up one day to find herself without her glasses. She sets about changing herself back and realizes that she still has a long strand of hair, and no glasses. Once she has changed herself back to a human, she sets about helping her kids find the person who had stolen her glasses. She then begins to help them develop a magical friendship, and take care of them as well.

The young banker is also given a chance to develop the character of the young banker. He is a very young boy who wants to be a wizard, but is afraid of how it would be perceived by his peers. He does not care about winning the contest, but wants to win first prize. This is the part that set him apart from his friends, and the reader feels he isn't one of them, so when he goes to the contest and wins first prize, it is a great reward. The story ends with the young banker in charge of the camp, and he gets to have a blast working as a counselor, but still maintains the fun side of himself as he tries to improve the camp for the rest of the summer.

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Genres: Comedy , Family , Fantasy

Duration: 100min

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