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Love Wedding Repeat

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This is the third in a series of articles describing one of the popular romantic comedies in the Love Wedding Repeat movie genre. If you would like to see some of the other movies in this series, the links at the bottom of this article will take you to the movies with more information about each of them.

The first film in the Love Wedding Repeat series is Love Wedding Re-Run. It follows the story of two Chicago detectives. The female detective is investigating a murder of a well known real estate executive. After meeting an unlikely reunion with the lead detective's past wife, they are brought together on a case that would change the history of both detectives.

This is the second film in the Love Wedding Repeat series. In it, Dixie (Natasha Lyonne) is no longer a lawyer. She has resigned after a brutal corporate assault left her with bruises and fractures. The company she was representing settled the case for an amount that she can not afford. Dixie goes into a depression that results in her having an affair with another woman.

Dixie is back in her office at work when she finds out that she has been assigned to investigate the death of a young woman. The case is mishandled and Dixie is then asked to lead the investigation herself. Although this may seem difficult for her, Dixie is emotionally and physically ready for the job. She not only wants to solve the case but also has to deal with the guilt of the attack that has occurred. At the same time, she begins dating a stranger in the office.

The third film in the Love Wedding Repeat Movie Series is Love Wedding Rap. It follows the story of Rebecca (Tina Desai), who is back in college after her parent's unexpected death. The love of her life, Linda (Tiffany Haddish), is away attending school and thus Rebecca is in a position to date men at school.

This is the first of two films that have a completely different story line than that of the previous movie. With Rebecca being the key witness in Love Wedding Rap, the lovers are forced to take a new route to get back together. As their destination is stolen by a strange individual, they begin to uncover a plot that would be extremely difficult to stop. Unfortunately, the plot of this story line is what makes the entire series so interesting.

This is the fourth film in the Love Wedding Repeat Movie Series. It follows the story of Gloria (Kate Beckinsale) as she confronts an old relationship. She gets pregnant and then decides to keep the child. Instead of doing this, she chooses to stay with the abusive boyfriend she had when she was a teenager. After losing the baby, she realizes that she cannot live with the person she was in her past.

The fifth film in the Love Wedding Repeat Movie Series is Love Wedding Revolver. It follows the story of Melinda (Jessica Simpson), who now works as a private investigator. Because of a small accident that occurred when she was a child, she was spared the serious damage that would have been suffered by the victims of the car accident. She chose to follow a rich and famous star, and eventually creates a romance with the star.

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Genres: Comedy , Romance

Duration: 100min

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