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Let Him Go

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In Let Him Go the director directs us through the journey of two loving parents who have lost their dear old boy. Following their traumatic loss of their only child, an aging former sheriff and his beautiful wife abandon their rural Montana estate to rush to the federal prison where their son is being held prisoner. But this desperate act of passion leads them into the realm of trouble where they find themselves face to face with the brutal and charismatic Montana Killer. The two parents return to their old lives only to discover that their son has escaped and they are in pursuit of him through the once tranquil and beautiful woods.

Let Him Go is based on a true story and the director made sure that many of the events in the movie actually happened in real life. There were also a few embellishments that were added to make the movie even more exciting and entertaining. This award winning thriller is a violent thriller that involves a lot of action. The director managed to keep all of the scenes and characters believable and the viewer is kept captive by the fast paced story. Let Him Go is a great watch and if you are looking for a thrilling and violent thriller with a touch of romance, then this movie is perfect for you.

The movie revolves around the deteriorating relationship of an aging couple after their only son is brutally murdered. The father tries to get in touch with his son's killer to ask for forgiveness, but he got nowhere because the sniper killed his son while he was outside. This prompts the now-grown grandchildren (played by Jason Flemyng and Rosa Salazar) to hunt down the assailant and kill him. However, this effort proves futile and they are once again pushed back into the custody of their parents. They soon find out that their grandparents are involved in a secret society whose goal is to take children from their homes and sell them to the highest bidder.

The movie begins in modern day California and centers on the elderly couple's struggle to cope with the death of their only son. An injured waiter stops their car in order to help them get medical attention and the couple, with the help of an unexpected friend, soon discover that they have been chosen as the grand masters of a very powerful and dangerous organization. Once they are introduced to the organization, the grandparents quickly find out that they must work their way through the ranks if they want to succeed and that includes working with their former enemies. Once they complete their training, they learn that they will be required to kill each other in order to prove that they possess the skills necessary to master. Once they complete their training, they find that their abilities are required more than ever and that they quickly rise through the ranks to become one of the most powerful masters in the organization.

Let Him Go is based on the book Let Him Go written by the late George MacDonald. This is a fantastic book and a great film. Let Him Go is a romantic movie that deals with old age and what happens when you meet your new husband for the first time. This is a movie that is appropriate for teenagers because it offers a simple message that older people need to know how to take care of the aging process so they can enjoy life to its fullest. Let Him Go is a great movie that everyone should see.

The North Dakota Chippewa Indians, who was featured in the movie, is played by Frank Langella and Jennifer Aniston. These two actors bring a great deal of energy to the characters and have a good chemistry with the director. Jennifer Aniston and Frank Langella both have great bodies and this helps make them comfortable to play the part of the matriarch and grandmother in Let Him Go, even though they actually just met each other for the first time.

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Genres: Crime , Drama , Thriller

Duration: 113min

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