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Les chevaliers du fiel dynamitent 2019

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When I saw Les Chevaliers Du Fiel, I was a little confused as to why the movie failed to live up to the same standard of any other animated French movie that I had seen. The story line was that in an alternate timeline, King Leopold II (Philippe Moreau), is dead and the current French monarch, Albert de Monaco, assumes the throne. With the new power comes a massive wealth that is almost impossible to overcome, especially as the throne is involved. As the movie goes on, you start to see that this vast wealth and the incredible power are not necessarily the be all and end all in the history of France, or even within France.

Les Chevaliers Du Fiel does have some excellent special effects and some superb animation, but there were also some things that just did not work for me. One thing I found interesting, but that I felt did the movie down some, was that there were way too many explosions in the movie. I understand how that would be effective if it was shown from the battleship deck or something similar, but in this instance, it seemed like they were too scattered throughout the movie. It was obvious that there were explosions going off all over the place, and that there were not enough explosions to really make it feel like a war scene, at least not to my mind. I know that they could have gone with the real battle sequence at the beginning, but it would have been much more impressive and more realistic. It is what most people would call a filler scene.

Another thing that I thought was kind of unappealing was the language that is used. At one point, there was a French speaker who told some nonsense words to one of the characters, and it made me wish that they had just said, "Ya know, retard." Other words were used which is quite terrible, and I am sure that they were trying to convey that message in a poor attempt. I suppose they needed a foreign audience, but in doing so, they did not only fail to do their job properly, but they also did not effectively portray their message.

I would give the movie a rating of C, because while the romantic part was good, the otherwise it was pretty uninteresting. It was entertaining for a short time but quickly lost its momentum and went down the drain. As a whole, I would not recommend Les Chevaliers Du Fiel Dynamite to anyone, no matter how big of a fan you may be of the comic strip. I think that the movie was made for a younger audience, and one that would not appreciate the flamboyance of the plot. It would probably not even be worth watching with an adult unless you were expecting a superhero film!

That being said, there is one element of the movie that I think is quite amazing. The special effects! Les Chevaliers Du Fiel Dynamite is a very entertaining film, but the explosions, catapults, and other things that were used were impressive to watch. If you have a DVD player, or a VCR it would make a great movie to show to your kids to start them learning the basics of movie making. They would enjoy the explosions, the catapults, and everything else, and it would keep them from getting bored during the rest of the class.

If you are planning on watching the movie, make sure to pick up a copy of the original French version. The English version is pretty much an edit, but the French version is entirely different. If you want the original, pick up a copy from Amazon or something like that. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone, but only if you have never seen the strip before. I think it is an awesome movie and would go great with some cheesey board games!

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