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Legacy of Lies

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Legacy of Lies by David Morrell is an action-packed thriller set against the backdrop of World War II. A former British Intelligence agent teams up with an experienced Ukrainian journalist to expose the truth about Russian espionage. When both are called in for interviews at a prestigious magazine in Paris, they find that the French are being very tight-lipped about their own secret history.

Morrell gives the reader an inside look at how the Russians kept secrets from the Allies, and what they were hiding from them. This book is written with a lot of humor, which makes it even more entertaining.

Morrell uses his background in intelligence to make this story entertaining and suspenseful. The book has some action, but not like a typical thriller.

What I like about the way Morrell writes this novel is that he uses words to describe things that people might actually be able to see if they were there. For instance, the cover photo of a man who has apparently just killed a whale is described as "tastefully done" - and then the writer mentions how the author has seen the same photo in real life. The descriptions in the text, on the other hand, are less descriptive and more about speculation.

In the beginning, I thought that Legacy of Lies was a bit slow. There were some sections where it seemed a bit drab and boring, but then some scenes really did grab me and made me want to continue reading. But once I started, I was very pleased with how the novel turned out. The ending was also great - it wasn't like I got cheated or anything.

Overall, I liked this novel - it has an entertaining plot and some very well-written dialogue between Morrell's characters. I think I would recommend this book for those who like to read a bit of historical fiction.

One thing that bothered me a bit about the book is that Morrell seemed to have an agenda. If I'd read it as he wrote it, I would've been able to tell if the author was trying to prove something or just trying to write a good yarn. It seems as though he's trying to fit his story into a larger narrative that isn't really there.

There were a couple of sections in the book that reminded me of Dan Brown's Da Vinci's Journey, and I felt that they were a bit off-putting, but still kept me interested. - especially when the characters were talking about certain historical figures.

Overall, I thought that Legacy of Lies is a fast, fun read. that's why I gave it three stars instead of the usual four. I'm sure the book will keep me coming back to it.

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Genres: Action , Thriller

Duration: 101min

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