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Lassie Come Home

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After Santa Barbara Police Chief Carlton "Lassie" Lassiter is ambushed while on duty and left for dead, he starts to see unthinkable happenings around his medical practice. Shawn and Gus arrive in Santa Barbara to be with Lassie who finds himself unwelcome in his old stomping ground and discovers a horrible case of sexual molestation that has been plaguing his mind. What they unearth will change the course of both their lives. Will the serial killer who terrorized them come back or will they finally find peace? Find out in this sensational review!

One of my favorite crime TV shows of all time, Lassie Come Home is a true story about a young girl who was brutally murdered. The crime she was convicted of wasn't really her fault though; it was a sex trafficking ring run by her ex-boyfriend. He was sentenced to 25 years in state prison and spent the next several years behind bars. Lassie's friend, Gus, was tried as an accessory in the murder but was found innocent.

The second movie of Lassie Come Home, streaming now, tells the story twenty years later. It focuses on the aftermath of the crime, as both the original detective Shawnigan, and the newbie, Gus, work hard to solve the case. Lassie is still haunted by the memory of her murder and thinks about revenge; however, both Shawnigan and Gus become determined to clear their name and stop the killers from hurting anyone else again. Gus begins to date Stanna, the new crime reporter for the local nightly news, and is excited to learn that he shares similar qualities with her. As the two begin working together, they discover evidence that links the murders to a satanical farm, and the two become a team in search of justice.

This is one of many streaming services that offer you the chance to watch Lassie Come Home online. You'll find this crime-themed crime series premiering every Tuesday at 9PM on IDTV. As you likely know, Lassie comes from a popular children's book about a sheep who finds herself living among the animals. She tries to help animals like rabbits and foxes but gets frustrated because she can't get herself out of trouble. The story was recently made into a movie, so now you too can see what happens when Lassie gets tangled up in the investigation.

This is another great crime series that you may have enjoyed in the past. It was made into an animated movie as well, but you won't be able to find it on any cable channels since it's not distributed through any traditional channels. Instead, you can expect to find it only on satellite TV stations in the United States and Canada. If you really want to watch Lassie Come Home online, though, all you have to do is go online and search for "Santa barbara crime." You'll find a website that offers a comprehensive list of stations that broadcast this supernatural mystery series.

Lassie Come Home will continue to air until at least the next year, so make sure to catch the next episode while you can. Timothy Omondson wrote the first episode of this movie, and he's also worked on other high-tech animated films including the Tim Burton movie Alice in Wonderland. He's definitely got the experience needed to bring this movie to life, and it looks like he'll be directing the next one as well.

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Genres: Adventure , Drama , Family

Duration: 100min

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