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This review will focus on the drama film Kajillionaire. The story of the movie has to do with the rise and fall of a Pakistani rock band. It is a very well known and powerful tale which is told in the film. The characters in the film include a celebrity, a young artist, a struggling actor, a corrupt police officer, a police detective, a women's advocate, a rock singer, and the young band member who are their love interest.

The series starts off well with the introduction of the girls first love for the first time in a great deal of fun. The music videos are well done and add to the excitement of the series. The soundtrack is so catchy that the viewers will enjoy every moment of watching it. I think that a lot of the appeal of the series was also due to the good music.

The protagonist of the show, Kajillionaire, played by Usman Sahib, is one of the most convincing villain we have seen in a series of this kind. This is because of the way he was portrayed in the TV series. He is a somewhat unstable character who falls in and out of relationships because of his true love for a young woman. The only thing that seems to keep him going is the need to prove himself. His love for the girl drives him to the verge of murder and when he finally manages to kill her he experiences a ton of guilt.

After the music videos have shown the effect of the deaths of the actresses the show moves on. The plot is fairly simple. The heroine, Zahida, tries to convince the rest of the cast to take a stand against her boyfriend, Hary, and in response he murders the group members one by one.

However, it is unfortunate that the writers felt the need to try and establish a good plot after the introduction of the villain. The screenplay is obviously flawed as it goes against the grain of the series and its characters. This movie is an example of the writer forgetting what made the series popular in the first place. The real tragedy is that this was supposed to be the best part of the series.

Now I must state that there are many flaws in the series but if you compare the series to other dramas then it is easy to see why it became popular. The story is very strong, the acting is top notch, and the music videos are top notch. The series is simply a complete package. In fact, in some ways it is too good.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the other talented actors in the Serie. There are few other directors who have been able to manage to combine acting and storytelling in a way that is original and sometimes even shocking. Their performances range from well above average to excellent. The entire cast is very talented and has done their level best to make this a successful movie.

The story of the Serie is well told and interesting. The acting is top notch and the music videos are top notch. In the end, the series failed to create a compelling plot due to the fact that the film was completely out of its league.

Average: 7 / 10 (502 votes)
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Genres: Comedy , Crime , Drama

Duration: 105min

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