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Just Another Christmas

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Just Another Christmas is a hilarious online comedy-adventure web series from Seriouse that is sure to entertain as many viewers as Valentine's Day's special episode did. In the tradition of the Seinfeld pilot, Jerry and George try to sort out the mystery of their mom's death aboard an airplane while simultaneously dealing with the pressures of working on a tight deadline and the stress of trying to juggle the ever-changing life of their aging father. After an interesting sequence of events, the touchy unlikely heroes finally manage to solve the mystery and Mom gets to meet her long-lost former boyfriend. The rest of the story takes place almost entirely in George's head as he drifts off to sleep after hearing his father's report. Just Another Christmas features a number of well-timed cameos from some very famous celebrities, including Whoopi Goldberg, Christopher Walken, and others.

Like its predecessor, Just Another Christmas has been licensed for DVD release by Disney. However, unlike the cartoon version which was a huge commercial success, this movie fizzled at the box office (averaging just over $8 million dollars). Perhaps it was too different for audiences who haven't seen the original version, or perhaps it just didn't work for those looking for a mainstream movie about Christmas. Regardless, the film wasn't a complete flop. It did manage to rake in an incredible amount of revenue during its second Christmas season, bringing in more than $1.2 billion worldwide.

One of the reasons that Just Another Christmas succeeded where other Christmas movies have failed is the way that director Mike de Leon was able to weave the story within a small time loop. In most other examples of this kind of time loop, characters in the story are merely living their lives, passing their days in the present while the olden days are constantly being recreated in alternate timeframes. The characters in Just Another Christmas break the time loop and are stuck reliving their Christmas past, while also living in the future. This causes some interesting situations to occur within the film, as well as providing some comedy.

It's important to recognize that although this time loop might sound intriguing, it actually provides very little substance. As the name implies, the events of the film simply repeat itself-at least in the main events. There are some funny bits here and there, but nothing that makes you say "this was definitely worth watching!"

When the dust settles after the credits roll, you'll find that the bulk of the movie takes place in December 1963. Leandro Spain drives his truck into the snow and drifts across the snow-filled streets of Manhattan while he waits for the sun to rise over the frozen New York streets. He then witnesses a young woman hit by a car and die at the scene. Suddenly, Leandro witnesses a massive explosion in the sky, sending shock waves all over Manhattan. These events drive him back to Christmas Eve, where he and his wife are overcome with joy and happiness, until they are pulled from their vehicle by police officers.

Years later, Leandra Spain (Aires Barrios) is approached by her former husband, Cosmo (Pedro Sollas), who wants her to take care of their sick son, Ramon (Efren Ramirez). She refuses, and soon Cosmo starts to convince her of the importance of leaving him alone. Just when everything seems fine between them, Leandra gets a call from her daughter, Tania (Lourdes Gil) whom she had not spoken to in years. Tania tells her mother that she has seen Cosmo and her husband, Hugo (Pedro Parra), on the TV news, and that they appear to be happy. Just when everything seems perfect, Leandra passes out and falls asleep, dreaming of Christmas Day while the clocks tend to forward one hour.

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Genres: Comedy , Family

Duration: 101min

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