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Jungle Beat: The Movie

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Jungle Beat: The Movie is a great action-adventure movie with an old school, storybook style and a colorful cast of characters. If you are looking for something a little different to watch online, I recommend you check out the movie.

The story revolves around Alba, who lives in a jungle on the far side of the world called the Jungle. Alba has a younger brother named Giovanni and a younger sister named Zeke. All three are very different from each other and love each other, but never think about the problems they may have.

When an accident happened, Zeke was blown away into the unknown. He was taken to a hospital where his brother was working and looked after him. But then a mysterious woman arrived and told him that he is now a good candidate to fight the evil machinations known as the Gods of Africa. To do this, he had to train by finding a legendary creature called a Ben.

Zelton is a young boy, who is thrown in a jungle at the beginning of the movie. He was told by a witch doctor that he should enter the movie in order to join a demon army called the Argosians. The Argosians are a group of powerful soldiers who are given a very difficult task - to steal a stone called the Holy Stone and get it to the Mountain of Scars which is guarded by the mighty and strong God, Ruwanda. But they will not succeed unless they kill a girl called Rokh.

Now, I'm not going to give any spoilers in this review, but I will tell you the synopsis of the Movie before you check it out. In this movie, people are mean, vicious and cruel and some of them were made out of clay too. They often go along with evil plans that are of no use and the effects of their actions were not the best. These happenings between the likes of Davina and Zelton forced the two to come up with a plan.

The Movie of Jungle Beat: The Movie is a sequel to the first Jungle Beat movie. It was produced by the company Luminee Studios. It's quite a well-liked and watched movie and the makers are also well known and respected for their action-packed and humorous movie reviews.

The studio and the director of the Serie have a very lively and passionate fanbase as well. They are usually known to be the ones who can provide the kind of attention one needs. A lot of the feedback from fans were very good as well.

In conclusion, if you are a fan of this kind of movie or the series, you should definitely check out the online version of the movie. There is no doubt that online users can usually have access to the latest news, reviews and the latest news on the franchise. I hope you enjoyed my Jungle Beat: The Movie review.

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Genres: Animation

Duration: 84min

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