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Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

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Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Carol is a short, funny movie starring Holly Hunter as the beautiful title character, Mrs. Cloretsworth. This movie is a great example of the classic Christmas movies and television serials that you've probably seen. The movie was released in theaters in December of 1983 and remains one of the all-time favorites. Many other popular movies and television shows have taken inspiration from this film.

The story of Jingle Jangle follows Holly, a spunky young girl who loves the old Christmas songs. One Christmas, she goes out to a fancy Christmas party hoping to meet her crush. However, when she arrives, she's surprised to find out that her crush is a rich boy. He takes her on a Christmas journey full of holiday fun and excitement. Along the way, she meets the delightful Reuben, who happens to be her uncle.

The Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journeys special features several Christmas songs and a lot of fun! The special was directed by David Bowie. The movie took nearly two years to complete and David Bowie did all of the filming himself. The movie's background music was composed by David Bowie and featured on the album" HIT LIST". The album is a concept album about the birth of rock and roll, which also contains many of Bowie's songs. The album was certified gold in the United Kingdom and sold very well.

The plot of Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journeys revolves around Holly. She has a hard time getting out of her house because she refuses to go outside. When her friend decides to take her in, she becomes excited to have a companion. Unfortunately, the friend is named Ralph, who likes to tease and bother her. Eventually, Holly realizes that she needs to get outside more often. She decides to send out her best Christmas jingle for Christmas Day and during the process, she finds out that her neighbor has written most of it for her.

Throughout the movie, we see how Holly goes through several emotions while writing the song. On one hand, she feels like the song is about her; but on the other hand, she also feels like it belongs to Ralph. Eventually, she gets to the bottom of her problem and finds out that it was really written by her good friend Reuben.

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journeys follows in the footsteps of several other movies with a similar theme. It is a contemporary film that uses music to express its message. It is not as thought-provoking and exciting as the later Disney movies, but it can still be enjoyed by both adults and children. It is definitely worth a look. As a short video, it manages to very well combine humor and music in a very attractive package.

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Genres: Family , Fantasy , Music

Duration: 119min

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