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Pacto de Fuga

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In 1999, Colombian director Baltasar Gracia created the film Pacto de Fuga (The Secret of Fuga). During the early years of the armed forces, a small group of militarists from the Franciscoista National Front planned and executed an operation to break out of prison. The outcome of their mission was disastrous: they were ambushed by the guerillas, which put them on the retreat. For decades afterwards, the film lives on as a classic Colombian hit, as it is still popular in the country.

Although the conflict is long over, the story continues to resonate because it speaks to the struggles of life under a military government. While the events are distant and the actors have become part of history, the message remains: life goes on. And while there may be peace in sight, there will always be conflict. There will always be two sides fighting for control of a nation.

The plot of the Serie No. De Fuga revolves around a character played by Laura Granada. Laura is an ordinary girl from Bogota, who is pregnant with her second child. When the guerilla war breaks out in Colombia, Laura flees to the United States with her son. But things take an unexpected turn when her husband is captured and taken to the guerrilla camp where he is killed.

Laura must now prepare for the war, while struggling to provide for her children. As she grieves her husband's death, she begins to realize that perhaps she is too young to fight. In an effort to cope with her grief, Laura consults an older man (Efren Ramirez) who offers to help her. With the help of this mysterious older man, Laura uncovers the true identity of her captor: Victorio Aragones. Victorio has a strong sense of right and wrong, and he urges Laura to trust him.

Laura, desperate to save her father, agrees to marry Victorio, despite her mother's objections. The two get along well enough, but on the day of the wedding, everything goes wrong. Unknown to her, Victorio has plans of capturing the bride herself, thus turning her against Laura.

This film has received praises from critics and audiences alike. One reason for its success is that it stars Laura Linnea Castaneda, one of Colombia's best-known actresses. She plays the role of a strong-willed and idealistic protagonist who chooses to lead a life of which she is proud. On the other hand, Colombia is also famous for films directed by Bernardo Aleman, whose films have won several awards at the global film festivals such as the Cannes Festival. If you want to see the film in its original Spanish language, you can visit Amazon and watch the trailer below:

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Genres: Drama , Thriller

Duration: 138min

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