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I Still Believe

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When people ask me if I still believe that Hope Springs, the new sequel to J.J. Abrams' movie The Lost Continent will be a hit and does very well in theaters, I tell them the movie is only half-way there. Only half the movie is done and the work to be done is only now starting. I am looking forward to seeing what the movie will be like as the cast grows and director Fernando Meirelles keeps making tweaks to the script and the story.

If you are familiar with the first movie, then you know that it was not very good. But it did have a great message, which we cannot escape. A message that needs to be delivered more often to the people in our world who suffer from depression and despair. I still believe that the movie can help to raise awareness of that message and the need for people to get back to their faith and religion.

There were so many questions in my mind about why it took so long to remake the TV series of The Lost Continent that I couldn't wait to see the new movie. It was not easy for me to watch the first movie because it was one of my favorite TV shows ever. The story was very well drawn, it was entertaining and the characters were very likable.

I am glad to say that the show's producers felt so strongly about re-creating the TV series and the actors would not accept any other actor to play the main roles of Lila, Eliana and Agustin. They wanted to work with the original cast members, to make sure that all three would look their best. This is why they waited so long before releasing the second installment.

Keeping all of the original actors and actresses was a big part of the movie's success. The third and final installment is set to start shooting soon. They were also adding an angel in the story and this was not an easything to accomplish because there is no angel to speak of in The Lost Continent.

The producers had to find an angel to represent the family and they were quite happy with the character they have chosen. The family lost their angel when God wanted to erase all the people's memories of the angel and the whole series was ruined. It was a very sad story.

So if you want to see the movie about The Lost Continent and how it will affect the lives of those who live in the region, then you better start preparing now. You don't want to miss the amazing and heart wrenching story that is written by writers Fernando Meirelles and Vanessa Marquez. It is going to be exciting.

Even though the actors will be different, the crew will not be. They are going to continue the same old style they used on the TV series, where each episode is narrated by the director. The internet has proven to be a great tool for anyone who wants to be able to watch a movie online and in the comfort of your own home.

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Genres: Drama , Music

Duration: 115min

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