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I'm Your Woman

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"I'm Your Woman" is a very entertaining movie that puts a little spice into the relationship. A woman, forced to move from home to city, with her young baby is forced to perform sex for money to support herself. The movie is full of fun and romance as well as setting up some interesting romance between two strong and committed people who are just going through a tough time in their lives. In fact, the movie pushes the relationship even further when one of the characters, played by Jennifer Aniston, falls for a boy. The movie has won several awards and is considered to be among the best comedies of all time.

Jennifer Aniston plays the character of Holly Golightly in the movie who is one of the few female leads in a movie directed by Steven Soderbergh. She stars as someone who is generally a loner who does not have much of a sense of humor. The movie shows how Holly's lack of sense of humor sometimes gets in the way of her relationships with those she loves. Her mother in particular is always trying to get her to do things that she considers to be more girly. As such, Holly spends most of the movie trying to get her to crack and start laughing at things that other people would consider to be jokes. This eventually leads to her falling in love with Steve (Daniel Radcliffe), a man whose intelligence and sense of humor are also very important to her.

The movie follows a routine set in a small town in upstate New York, where the residents all seem to be related to each other. One girl (Aniston) goes off with Steve, another girl (Anne Hathaway) goes out with him, and another (Cate Blanchett) ends up dating him. Within a matter of weeks, the three became serious friends. After some encouragement from Steve, they each decide to propose to each other in what turns out to be one of the movie's funniest sequences. However, things go wrong as soon as they accept the proposal, and Steve gets turned down cold. In retaliation, he gets fired from his job.

With no other job prospects in sight, and a new found friend in the form of an ex-con, the once "prankster" Steve launches his next endeavor: dating a rich woman. But this does not go well for either of them. The wealthy woman ends up dumping him and he decides to take matters into his own hands. He contacts an old associate of his in order to find someone who will marry him, and that woman ends up being Holly. Now, this reunion between the man who wanted to be a bachelor and the woman who wanted to be a married woman is filled with hilarious scenes.

Overall, Friends With Women is one of those movies that a lot of people like. The acting is very good, the storyline is funny, and the characters are memorable. It is not the greatest movie of all time, nor is it the best movie of all time, but if you give Friends With Women a chance, you might find something you want to watch or at least read about. Like I said, it's a great romantic comedy with great acting and story. So, go out and get it on DVD right now.

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Genres: Crime , Drama

Duration: 120min

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