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Hubie Halloween

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The movie Hubie Halloween is a classic, entertaining comedy about a group of neighborhood kids who put on an annual costume party in order to celebrate Halloween. It is October 31st in Salem, Mass, and a group of the eccentric, fun-loving residents of the town are invited to a Halloween party hosted by a friendly neighbor of their family, and the mean-spirited and most eccentric neighbor of the host's, including a local serial killer. When one of the kids finds out that a real killer was arrested for killing more than two dozen people in the town, he decides to do something about it, in order to help his community.

Hubie has always been a little odd, but he is a nice guy and loves his mom and dad. As he is being recruited to help catch the killer, however, he finds that he has a better reason for doing this than what he originally thought. Now he has to get his own story started, because he realizes that there is no way that he can ever catch the culprit on his own, without going through the ordeal of being arrested and spending a long time in jail, where he will have a lot of negative attention from the police and community members.

Hubie's girlfriend, Bridget, is a part of the group, but she is also worried about her boyfriend getting into such trouble. Her brother, Dave, is also part of the group, but he also has some personal reasons for joining, which is why he has to leave the group to go find his own means to catch the killer. Hubie's best friend, Billy, also has some reasons for leaving. Billy, who does not really like being in a group, want to make a name for himself. And so does Jack, a member of the group who is only in it for the money.

Hubie, along with Billy and Dave, begin the search for the real killer. When they find the killer, he is not as bad as they thought, but he is a horrible human being. And when they find out that the real killer has a list of people that he is targeting, they find that he may be using this list to get even with people that he feels he was wronged by in some way. The killer then realizes that he may not have to kill them in order to have revenge. If he gets back at them, he would be able to live another day.

The film, in general, is funny and lighthearted, and is also a nice way to get the humor in the community out, as well as to allow everyone to have a chance to express themselves. Hubie, Bridget, Billy, Dave, and Jack all enjoy themselves as they go through their search, which is much more than what you get in a movie or other similar programs.

There are a lot of good things about this movie, although it is probably not something that children are going to find appealing. But it is a very entertaining and well-made movie, that is well worth watching for if you like comedy and want a little bit of light-heartedness in your evening. Hubie Halloween will keep you entertained until the end.

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Genres: Comedy , Fantasy , Horror , Mystery

Duration: 102min

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