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Honest Thief

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Winner of eleven Academy Awards including Best Picture, The Spy Who Loved Me is a hugely entertaining and emotional portrait of a legendary spy. When he was a teenager, working as a clerk in a department store, James Bond (Daniel Craig) discovered his dangerous ability to duplicate himself. Since then he has been the best man at his own wedding, been chosen to be the temporary replacement for Q (Ian Fleming), and assumed the title of "Best Man at large" for his friend Lord Woolsey (Roger Lloyd Pack). But is he a thief... or a hero?

One of the best things about The Spy Who Loved Me is that its leading man, Daniel Craig, doesn't just waltz into the character. This man grew up with a secret. He didn't want to be a spy, even when he was arrested as one in London. Now, decades later, he must save the world again, but this time he must be just the honest thief the world needs him to be.

With the world becoming more computerized, traditional methods of keeping our country safe are no longer enough. We need smart minds working in teams and using technology to make the job easier. As computers began to take on our lives, the movie suggested we should look into these programs to see if they were really creating a safer America.

In an interesting scene, Moneypence (Daniel Craig) realizes he has some money missing after his car breaks down. He goes to the police station to report it, but upon being fingerprinted, realizes that the fingerprints are those of Y dictated by Yagoda (Eddie Murphy). This movie suggests that computers can lead to crime, and the fingerprints on the system match those of the criminal responsible. Is there also another computer waiting out there who can use this new software to not only catch a criminal, but also copy the digital fingerprint off of Yagoda's finger?

It is possible that Moneypence was not the only person to copy the fingerprints. This movie implies that everyone who uses a computer is potentially dangerous. This sparks a thought; what if every time someone used a computer, they left tracks behind for others to find? This is why so many homes have "vrfy" buttons installed. The last thing a thief needs is to be caught, and then easily trace back where they left off.

The movie ends with Moneypence deciding to run for political office. Hopefully his luck will hold out, and he will win the election. If he wins, he must face the music head on and start making some changes. Maybe he needs to get a lawyer, or form a committee to help other people. It seems that he is indeed the honest thief, after all. The internet is a scary place.

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Genres: Action , Crime , Drama , Thriller

Duration: 99min

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