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One of the first people you meet in the world are the Guido and Zsanett. Zsanett was a young woman working as a medical assistant in a hospital when she met a poor South African witch doctor who had the skills to make her dream come true. Heks is the main ingredient in this sad little story. As the two lovers pursue each other through Heks World, they uncover many devious plots and secret connections along the way. You learn more about a murder mystery through the pages of this suspense thriller.

An interesting twist on the adventure is that you find yourself crossplaying the role of both the police detective and the witch doctor, while solving the mystery of the murdered mother. Hakes and Zsanett must work together in order to solve the mystery of how Mary and Harry were killed and how the hexes were put to stop their killer from targeting their son. The graphic details in this part of the game makes it very disturbing, but rest assured it's all in good taste. This interactive novel also includes the hilarious "hexed" endings.

Hakes and Zsanett are back again in Hides in Africa, another spellbinding interactive book. Hides in Africa by critically acclaimed author Judith Viorst is a unique release that takes you into the heart of Africa and into the mind of a simple, grieving British girl. The plot and storyline are compelling and completely thought-out. Viorst offers up vivid descriptions of the African scenery, thicket and village life, and the dark, complex mythology of Africa. This interactive novel takes you from the snowy wastes of Paris to the sunny beaches and bustling life of Lagos, providing readers with a thoroughly engrossing read.

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Genres: Drama , Horror

Duration: 82min

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