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Hard Kill

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This is a full length movie online that has many fans that are die hard fans of the movies. This movie is directed by Mark Vahradian and stars his son, Alexia Vahradian and Nick Vanhorn who play the roles of Sam and Alana. If you love watching good acting performances, then you have to watch this movie.

Sam was a cop who was the boyfriend of Alana when they were in high school together. They loved one another and wanted to get married but Alana didn't want to wait. Alana ended up getting pregnant and they couldn't leave the hospital. They needed to go to the mall and Alana couldn't go, so they ended up having a one night stand that ended up with Alana getting killed.

After Alana died, Sam and Alana's mother were both put to sleep. Alana was given the option to take Alana's mother with her or keep her. She chose to take Alana's mother with her because she had a feeling it would be the last time she saw her.

When they got to the mall, Sam went to get the groceries. Alana was at the mall shopping and a mall employee stops Sam. Sam was able to trick the man into letting him see the woman in Alana's purse but Sam was able to steal the purse from Alana. When Sam gets back to Alana's house, Alana tells Sam what happened.

The next day, Sam finds out the man he tricked was actually an assassin that Sam knew from the movies. Alana and Sam travel to Mexico to kill the man. They arrive at the man's place but Alana gets shot while Sam hides. Alana dies and Sam goes after the man so he can't get away with his crimes. Sam gets to a waterfall where he falls into a pool of water.

Sam gets back to the mall to find out the man who killed Alana has been killing people all over the city. Sam and Alana are putting on a boat to go after the man that Alana told Sam about. The two make it to the guy's house, but he escapes and Alana ends up being shot.

Sam goes after the man and Alana's boyfriend but ends up killing him. Sam and Alana's mother are able to leave the boat in a taxi cab and drive away. When Sam and Alana arrive at their apartment, Alana's mom tells Sam that they're going on vacation but Sam knows that the reason for the trip is that they've been separated and she can't trust Sam anymore. so they decide to go on vacation.

This movie online is a very emotional movie because Sam gets to experience love again. and Alana doesn't have to worry about her mom and Alana finally finds her old friends. after years of being apart. The movie is a great romantic drama.

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Genres: Action , Thriller

Duration: 98min

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