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Happiest Season

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The Happiest Season by Julia Deangelis is the latest DVD movie that is becoming quite popular among lovers of romantic movies. A young girl with a plan to propose for her future bride to-be while at her parents' traditional holiday celebration finds her groom has not come out to her traditionally-accepted conservative family. When her mother questions her about her plans, she launches into a tirade against traditional family values and insists their culture is dying out because of the values laid down by her parents. To add insult to injury, the man she's engaged to suddenly proposes to her. With all the upheaval in her life, she has only one thing on her mind: to get herself engaged to the perfect man. But this task goes beyond her dreams and she must go online to find the perfect guy who'll fit into her idealistic vision of a happily ever after.

The movie has received warm movie reviews from many people. Most of them praise the movie for giving a rare window into the clueless, insecure, and uptight lives of upper-class English women. However, the movie did receive a few pans from those people who felt that it was an attempt at a white savior story where the white hero saves the poor black heroine from a dangerous situation. Regardless of these mixed feelings, the movie had great entertainment value and many people who saw it thought it was very funny.

The movie is directed by Bernhard Liebert. He is best known for his comedies such as Happy Days, Cape Command, and Zoolander. While he doesn't direct a lot of movies, he sure knows how to create a fun and exciting comedy and The Happiest Season is no exception. It's a great movie that will make both adults and children laugh. It's a good Christmas rom-com that just about anyone will enjoy.

Charlize Theron plays the title role of Reuben Feffer, an up-and-coming playboy who goes on a Christmas vacation with his friends in the Alps. While enjoying their time together, they are arrested for the murder of a waiter. They are sentenced to death but are saved by the timely intervention of their friend and college girl girlfriend, played by Lisa Kravitz. Meanwhile, Reuben meets and falls in love with Lisa. The movie centers on their relationship after they are released from jail and learn that Lisa has been enjoying a life of privilege as an accomplished professional. Everything seems to be going well until one day Lisa decides to end their relationship, only to discover that her own happiness lies in taking care of Reuben.

This movie isn't like the others that are centered on a good guy/bad guy scenario. Reuben is the good guy because he genuinely cares for Lisa, but there is a darkness in the heart of the character that is not unlike the darkness that envelopes Stewart during her short time as Stewart's girlfriend in Edward Scissorhands. Lisa's presence in the movie changes Reuben's perception of the world and how he should act towards his girlfriend. He finally realizes that it is in fact his own greediness that are keeping him from being happy, and not his girlfriend.

Overall, this movie is a great romantic comedy that is sure to please its audience. If you haven't seen it, then you will want to watch it. It is just as good as the follow-up to Edward Scissorhands, and you can see why so many people are saying that it is a similar situation to that of Clea Duvall in Edward. I know that I enjoyed this movie just as much as the previous movie, so I would definitely recommend that anyone look into this one.

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Genres: Comedy , Romance

Duration: 102min

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