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Many people look forward to the show Hamilton to celebrate one of the most important and influential American musicals in recent times. While it might not be for everyone, it's one of the most popular productions of the year, and it has inspired a number of cultural performances, such as the hit Broadway musical; The Visit and the Tony nominated productions Across the River and In the Heights.

The play is based on the long-running Broadway musical and is a major cultural event, so fans of the show will enjoy the chance to see Hamilton. They'll also get to experience some history with the interactive I'll Say it Anyways TV Series which also focuses on America's Founding Father Alexander Hamilton.

Not only can you view the show online, but you can watch it on the web. So when you go to The Hamilton website, you can find out all about the people and events that have shaped the story of Hamilton and the setting of the play. You can also read about how the characters have been put together, and the history of the world set in Hamilton, which is featured in Hamilton the Musical.

The I'll Say it Anyways TV Series is an interactive comedy, and it features musical performances of popular songs from the History show of Hamilton the Musical. The series combines music, the voice talent and live singing of the Tony Award winning songwriting team of Lin-Manuel Miranda and Leslie Odom, Jr. Some of the main songs that you will hear include "Alexander Hamilton", "Dear Mr. President", "This Side of Paradise" and more.

The Hamilton Interactive TV Show also features interviews with the cast, and special guests. It will also allow you to create your own personal Hamilton character, and they have suggestions for what their characters would be, such as Aaron Burr, the vice president and the head of the financial institution that raised funds for the war. Plus, there are special characters that come with your Hamilton gifts, and you can also keep up with the latest news about the American revolution with the Hamilton Storyteller.

For those who aren't familiar with Hamilton, the History of America series of shows follows the lives of the people who lived through the events in the story of Hamilton the Musical. The stories are told from all points of view, including a humorous view of the events that are unfolded by the characters, and they even feature a scene where Hamilton is mistaken for a member of the British royal family. With special appearances by Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson, along with a reenactment of one of Hamilton's first successes in New York City, you'll learn about the time and place that brought him into being.

The History of America series features Hamilton as well as the History of America story take you back in time to the founding of America, the time of the Revolutionary War, and all the major events that happened during the times of Hamilton. From the people and events that shaped the country's story to the battles and events that shaped Hamilton's life.

Each episode in the History of America series will focus on one of the key events in the history of the United States, and the series will take you to various points in history. You can see every day life from the Revolutionary War right up to the current day and the future, and the series allows you to see every step in the necessary steps for America to grow, thrive and develop into the great nation that we know today.

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Genres: Drama , History , Music

Duration: 160min

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