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Godmothered is definitely coming to Disney+ in time for all those mid-budget, family-friendly animated films to finally fulfill all your down-to-earth family movie dreams. Starring Isla Fisher as the spunky single mother, and Jillian Bell as her snappy, supportive but slightly uptight best friend, the movie is light-hearted yet a bit sentimental at the same time. Isla Fisher plays the role of the single mother who finds herself in the arms of an aging hippie guru, while Jillian Bell plays the role of the spunky younger sister who wants nothing to do with her older half. Both characters are given interesting personalities and are given some unique back stories to play up their roles. They are also shown caring about their fiances and spouses, yet still retaining that spark of youthfulness.

This movie is an online exclusive first run movie. You don't have to go out and see it in theaters, which is always a bummer because this movie is so good. If you are an independent film fan and haven't been keeping up on all the newest films from Disney, I highly recommend that you watch Godmothered right away. Not only is it a great introduction into the animated Disney tradition, but it is also a great send off to the next animated Disney film, Cars 4.

In my opinion, Godmothered does a fantastic job of telling the story of how a single mother meets a cute, yet slightly older man, falls in love with him, and decides to stay with him forever. It shows us a side of relationships that many people may not experience. However, if you do, I think you would fall in love all over again. I also think it's a great, comical, superhero film that just about everybody should watch. Hopefully Godmother will receive an award for Best Picture at the next Oscars and I'm sure people will be talking about it for a long time to come.

If you are one of those people who never heard of Godfather: The Donaghy Movie before, I encourage you to do so. You might be surprised to find out what a classic it is, and just how relevant it is today. I mean, look at how popular superhero dramas are these days. People all over the world are watching movies like Batman and Spider-Man: Homecoming to watch them, because they relate to feeling lost, needing something to fall back on, having issues with their superhero alter ego, and wanting to find out what happens after they grow old.

Godfather: The Donaghy Movie also stars Joanna Calderone as Rosemary, as well as Ed Harris and Steve Martin as Fido. This movie was written and directed by David Fincher and is available for streaming on Netflix Canada. It was not successful at the box office, but it did pick up a number of awards at the 2020 Toronto International film festival. It was then released in the US and it didn't do so well. In fact, it was the second movie in a row that didn't do well at the box office, and many thought it had been taken over by the Harry Potter franchise.

In my opinion, this movie was a decent action/adventure movie, filled with funny moments and great drama. It featured a couple of memorable and iconic moments, which made it a fun watch. If you love fairy godmothers and cute boys, then I highly recommend Godmother. Check out the trailer below.

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Genres: Comedy , Family , Fantasy

Duration: 113min

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