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The world of business and finance is so complicated that it sometimes makes people feel like they need an expert in the field sitting next to them who can solve their every problem. In order for this to become possible a person has to be given a task. This task may be monetary, scientific or intellectual in nature. In a way, every job that is done can be considered a given. We are not talking about what job the employee will do but the fact that someone has to be given the opportunity to do it. Whether it is given a task to design a website, write a report or conduct an experiment; if a person is given the task to do it then it is a given.

It seems that every number that can be graphed, plotted, analyzed or calculated has been assigned a name. The only difference is the name and the number of places where these calculations take place. If you are given the task of finding the highest Fibonacci number or calculate the largest prime number, the answers are already out there on the internet. If you are told to find the first 10 th place then you already know that it will take you many attempts to find the answer.

This is not to say that people do not find it interesting when they are given a task to find the first or the last five places where Fibonacci lumps are common. In fact, it is quite interesting, especially if the task that is given requires you to crunch the numbers and work with odd numbers only. If you can solve problems involving odd numbers then you know that the field of mathematics is referred to as the field of real multiplications.

Given that there are no rigid rules when it comes to numbers, their properties are very unpredictable. For example, the prime number thirty-three can be found by a single search. In fact, the number forty-two is the most probable because nobody knows exactly how many places this number crosses over. A lot of factors influence the behavior of multiples. They are even unpredictable in the range of whole numbers starting from zero up to the very large numbers.

Finding the prime number has a lot to do with finding the sums of multiples of even and odd numbers. Once the numbers are multiplied together and the product is figured out, then one gets the factor that modifies the product. This is the answer to the question how many places the prime number crosses over. Given that no exact formula exists for finding the factors, finding the highest common multiples of even and odd numbers is a challenge for mathematicians.

The best way of approaching this problem is to consider the exponential function. This is a graph that gives the values of the integral of the product of odd numbers and even numbers starting from zero up to the value infinity. Once the graph is drawn, finding the prime number as the roots of the exponential function is easy. If one finds the even sums, then finding the odd sums becomes simpler.

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