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Force of Nature

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The film is a family-friendly comedy based on the Roald Dahl classic. The film is also known as "The Force of Nature". It stars Sean Astin as the film's main protagonist, Neville Chamberlain, and John Ritter as Neville's friend, Buster.

A young boy called Neville Chamberlain is taken away from his home in the countryside and placed in a care home run by an over-enthusiastic and demanding Headmistress, played by Sally Hawkins, and the main newspaper's writers. He soon discovers that he has been chosen to take part in a world-wide competition which will have him teaming up with a team of competitors, each with an animal companion, and also with an adult animal.

Sean Astin plays Neville's father, a widower who constantly works and struggles to pay the bills. Sean plays a young boy who is withdrawn, insecurities and a fear of water. His childhood friend and roommate, Trevor McDougall play Neville's dad's trusty sidekick, Rudy. The main cast also includes Rose Byrne as Neville's mother, Sally Hawkins, Michael Gambon as Neville's brother, Teddy, who makes a brief appearance as Neville's mentor and eventual brother-in-law, as well as Janis Wicks as Neville's sister, Maggie.

The Comedy as well as the Music are the heart of the movie. This is where the real charm lies, as it's made very apparent, through the witty and enjoyable performances. Neville and his friends use their animal companions to play and sing along to their version of classical music. From Beatles to John Williams to the Star Wars theme, they use their animals in ways that are both humorous and endearing.

There are two forces, both protagonists, and many players to keep you hooked to this comedy. In fact, the writing and performances are so entertaining, you'll find yourself rooting for both of them. In fact, I'm sure that most of us will be rooting for our favourite characters.

The story is easy to follow and if you've seen one Roald Dahl film, you'll surely have seen The Force of Nature. The film's storyline follows the basic elements of a simple story that can still be entertaining. The comedy and music are what you need to make the scenes believable and to make you laugh out loud.

The Entertainment value of the film is just as high and features some of the most popular movie clips of all time. As the clip features will show, the song and dance scenes are hilarious and can really get you to burst out into laughter.

This movie is ideal for those who are movie lovers, in other words, it's a must see for any Roald Dahl fan. I am confident that the movie is also loved by all Roald Dahl fans.

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Genres: Action , Crime

Duration: 91min

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