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Fearless Festival (sometimes referred to as "Fearless" Festival) is a worldwide free film festival dedicated to independent filmmakers. A film submission is a requirement for this festival. Most film festivals today use the internet as their main marketing tool and this has lead to the growth of festivals like this. It's easy to get your films seen by viewers all over the world when you submit them through an online website.

Internet has opened the door to the world wide web to almost everyone. You can access a lot of information and resources about different types of movies in the comfort of your own home. Online movie channels and websites feature all kinds of free movie channels, where you can watch your favourite movie with the click of your mouse.

Online festivals like Fearless are also very beneficial for film makers as it enables them to meet a large audience. This is possible because the audience is very much interested in viewing their favourite movies in the comfort of their homes. Since people are more likely to watch the movie online, you can easily get a wider viewership and people will be encouraged to watch the same movie again. There are several ways to get your movie on the site.

You can get your movie accepted by submitting it through an online form or you can write a short message explaining the reason for watching the movie. If you have a film screening coming up, it is a must that you send them the link of the screening and ask them to watch your movie. You can even make your movie available on different websites to invite a global audience to watch it. This is one of the best ways of getting your movie noticed.

There are many sites that are dedicated in screening the best films, independent films, genre-related movies, and so on. You can find these sites on your favorite search engines such as Yahoo! or Google. There are also several other sites dedicated to showcasing the best independent movies and you can also subscribe to the online newsletter and get updates regarding your favorite movies.

The success of online movie submissions depends on the quality of the movie itself. In this case, submitting a movie to Fearless Festival is definitely worth it because there are so many chances of it being seen. and getting exposure. It would not hurt if you send a movie review to the organizers of this online movie submission site as well.

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Genres: Animation , Comedy

Duration: 89min

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