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Fatman will be playing its online premiere on Tuesday night, November 24th. Directed by Eshom Nelms, the movie is a coming of age story about a teenage girl from Israel who travels to New York and falls in love with an older man. The movie has received mostly positive reviews thus far, but does have its fair share of critics as well. Here are some early Fatman reviews to tide you over until it drops off of Netflix.

Overall, Fatman looks like a very positive and intelligent coming of age story about a girl growing up in the modern world and dealing with contemporary issues while also finding herself falling in love with an older man. The movie is very stylish and entertaining as well, even though it's definitely not the greatest film of its type out there right now. What I found that really made the difference for me though was that the movie felt real, even if the story elements and acting were a bit lazy. It wasn't bad, per say, just a tad less engaging than some of the other films coming out this summer.

If you're looking forward to the second half of the upcoming Fatman movie, I have to tell you right away that you're going to be disappointed. For starters, the plot seemed a little thin at times and didn't flow well overall. In fact, some of the beginning scenes felt quite underwhelming and rushed. However, I did enjoy seeing more of Natalia's character, as she struggled through the first half of the film before getting herself involved in the bigger fight against evil.

That being said, I do feel that it's important to take all things in stride when it comes to predicting the future of any given project. That being said, I think that the odds are still in Fatman's favor for a full movie release on Netflix sometime in the 2020s. That being said, it will definitely be a tough sell for the streaming services. But what do I know? I'm just a reporter, reporting for a living, not an expert in the viewing public.

So, is Amazon or Netflix right? Ultimately, I have to lean toward Netflix based upon their recent track record with both programming and their theatrical releases. While I think there's a chance that both services may go the route of full movie pricing on their respective streaming services, I also think it's far too early to tell. I mean, as great as the Amazon Prime Instant Video service is right now, it still doesn't have the catalog of movies and TV shows that many of us have grown to rely on and love.

So, which is better? For me, I would have to say that the future of TV is Fatman. While I think there's a chance that cable could make a comeback in the near future (especially if digital cable becomes available to everyone in the areas where cable used to offer service), for now Fatman has the edge. I've already saved money by downloading movies on my PC and watching them via my computer. Plus, I have more HDTV channels to choose from, which makes watching Fatman and other sports, games, and shows all the more enjoyable.

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Genres: Action , Comedy , Fantasy

Duration: 100min

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