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Ava (Jessica Chastain) is an assassin who operates for a secret black op agency, traveling the world specializing in high-profile hit jobs. One of her first assignments goes badly wrong when a job goes terribly wrong; in order to save the company from closure Ava must get rid of the man who hired her and save herself from the clutches of the international mafia. The director of the film is Tate Taylor and the writer is Matthew Newton. The producers are Barbara Broffman, Andrew Geller, Jason Griswold and Mike Grissom.

Ava, a powerful, fast-moving, smart and relentless female protagonist and the first female member of the series, was the first feature film directed by Tate Taylor, who has gone on to become one of Hollywood's top directors. Ava's character is the only female of the gang of "Mafia members" whom Ava has never met in person, but is forced to team up with, and work alongside, on her mission. Ava is a highly trained and experienced assassin, able to kill in the blink of an eye, and yet is also ruthless and calculating. Her quick thinking and ability to see the right opportunity are what makes her one of the most lethal, yet dangerous killers around.

Blood: A film by Ava was produced in Hollywood by Ava's agent, Tate Taylor (aka Marilyn Manson). Blood: A Movie is an incredibly fast-paced action film, with lots of shocking moments. The screenplay was written by Tate Taylor, based on a story by David Griswold and Mike Grissom, both of which were also involved in the screenplay of the film.

Taylor's story centers around Ava, a woman who has lost her family and has gone into hiding, finding herself working as an assassin for the international mafia. Ava is tasked with the duty of carrying out an important assignment, and she must complete it by using her skills and ability to take out her target, an ex-lover of hers who she met during a previous assignment. She must then try to escape the mafia and return to the real world, where her daughter lives. is living.

The film is an excellent blend of thriller with a little action, with plenty of action scenes featuring a very bloody knife to the back. The storyline is very fast-paced and intense. and the movie is one of the best action films of all time, with amazing and memorable scenes that will make you forget what happened to the characters, and how to do anything else. The screenplay is great, and the cast is great as well. Jessica Chastain is great as the main protagonist of the movie, and the movie has some great supporting roles as well, including Colin Farrell, and Diana Roxburgh.

Blood is set in the middle of the seventies, which is when the film takes place, and it takes place in New York. Ava is given the task of taking on an assignment in New York and goes undercover as an assassin in order to do so. The movie also stars David Hyde Pierce, Diana Roxburgh, James Belushi, James Woods, and John Tutturro, and is directed by Tate Taylor and written by David Griswold.

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Genres: Action , Crime , Drama , Thriller

Duration: 96min

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