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Emma. The Story of My Life, a 2020 movie directed by James Gray and written by Emma Friedman, is a drama with the generic plot of the common love story between Emma (Natalie Portman) and Victor (Christian Bale).

The movie starts with scenes from the failed relationship of Emma and Victor, with the same characters shown in previous movies. Soon, we realize that this story is not fictional at all, but rather based on real events of the relationships between two people. A scene depicting a mother of a boy with Down syndrome, is a very realistic depiction of the real life.

The film is based on true story, but did the director or writer of the film use sources to avoid plagiarism? While reviewing the script, it seems to me that James Gray does not know what he is writing or what he is talking about.

As a person who had gone through a similar situation when looking for a movie or a novel, I believe the story of Emma to be based on my own. The movie contains almost all the incidents of the real life. The central plot is the same, the scenes about the relationship between Emma and Victor, the scene with the man with Down syndrome, and the scene where her mother and father arrive, are all similar to the real life. Of course, James Gray is not telling the whole story; there are some very bad moments, but still the movie is more or less similar to my life.

The major difference is that the difference is the level of pain and suffering endured by both women. In my life, I was in love with a man who tried to kill me several times, while in the movie the woman with Down syndrome, feels that she is being left by her child and by her husband, but eventually gets over her psychological trauma. The main difference is that there is more anguish involved in the male storyline of the movie. In my case, I have a son, I'm much closer to the woman with Down syndrome than the woman in the movie, because my son and the wife don't understand the situation.

In my case, the love story between Emma and Victor ends in tragedy. To think that there is no way out is a miracle to me. For Emma, who has waited for two years, not to find out if she can live her dream and make her husband happy, this is a terrible loss, but the movie's director doesn't know the difference.

I cannot deny that the movie is a success in most other ways. It is witty, has great acting by Christian Bale, and contains some great music, such as in the first scene of the movie where Natalie Portman sings a beautiful song called "Before the Rain". It also shows Emma's character and emotional growth.

However, the film is rather far away from the truth of my life. Besides, how is it possible that an English director and a French actress, could write a book and tell the story of a completely different reality? After all, this movie had been made before, so it must have been good at the time, and now it turns out to be a failure.

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Genres: Comedy , Drama , Romance

Duration: 125min

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