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Grandma's Last Wishes

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The film El Testamento de la Abuela is based on the life of its main character, Pablo Picasso. It tells the story of this famous Picasso artist's daughter, Abigal, who is an artist too young to appreciate her father's vision. She meets Andres Segovia, a Spanish artist who is a close friend and she falls in love with him. However, when Andres leaves Spain for France, Abigal is left in Spain, alone. She takes a look at Spain during the First World War, where she meets and falls in love with a British serviceman.

Picasso's daughter, Paco, gets suspicious of her father's close involvement with Andres and tries to get him to reveal his true feelings for her. When Paco discovers that her father was not happy about leaving Spain, he decides to marry her. But before doing so, he goes on a trip and sees a Spanish villa which belongs to a well-known art dealer. He assumes that it belongs to Andres, but when Andres arrives there and finds out that Paco is his wife, he gets angry and tries to have Paco killed.

El Cumple de la Abuela then tries to save her father from death and captures Andres. Paco then tries to convince him not to leave Spain and marry Paco, but Andres brushes her off. Paco then tries to escape, but he falls into a cave which has been carved by the evil magician, Blasco. The magician then tries to poison Paco, but when he fails, El Cumple de la Abuela then burns down the cabin she was in, blaming it on Andres. Just then, Blasco manages to escape.

The next morning, Paco, Andres and Paco's father find themselves in the center of the woods. Paco immediately realizes that his father has been murdered. Then the three of them find out that Paco's father's skull has been smashed open and his liver has been eaten. The three then make their way to the abuela's cabin. There they meet up with the evil magician Blasco and manage to kill him.

One year later, Paco and his cousin, Almeida, go on a vacation. On the way, Paco notices some tracks in the sand that are not normal and proceeds to investigate. He soon finds out that the tracks belong to the remains of a pirate ship that was attacked by the soldiers of the Generalissimo Duarte. When Almeida and Paco spot another pirate ship anchored in the bay, they decide to investigate further before the Guardia Civil will arrive.

El Testamento de la Abuela continues this tale with several other great characters such as Paco's two cousins, Blasco and his half-sister, Inez. These people along with the others come together to form a resistance against the cruelty of the Duarte and the unjust king Joana. It also showcases Paco's immense intelligence as he is always able to recognize a good opportunity. Another excellent scene involves Paco buying a rat which grows unusually fast. The rat quickly consumes all of Paco's supplies and he then has to return home to save his cousin, Paco Costera, from a similar predicament. The film ends with the soldiers of the Guardia Civil being defeated by Paco and his forces.

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Genres: Comedy

Duration: 97min

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