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Dolittle is a fantastical animated Disney-style fantasy story about an orphaned cat and her cuddly yet deadly dog. The cat's name is Pippi, which translates to "bird-lover." When she turns into a firefly, the owner of a circus disguises her as a boy. She goes on a search for the perfect ballet dancer, as well as get in touch with her past in a charmingly surreal journey throughout a fantasy world.

For this movie, the director put together a wonderful cast of four actors who all excelled in their roles and brought it to life in an amazing fashion. The best part of this movie is its cinematography, which was most likely inspired by the works of Fred Olen Ray, whose works are very colorful and charming. In addition, the music is created using all the newest techniques in CGI animation, such as motion capture.

The movie has a lot of music. As the movie progresses, different music styles play. It consists of its own theme song that is played after every story moment. The theme song is rather catchy. The other songs are composed for the other characters of the movie, such as the comical comedy songs and the jazz guitar songs for the central character.

The other main character of the movie is a young bear named Sully. This animal is quite a cute character. The main storyline revolves around Pippi's quest to find the ballet dancer so that she can bring her friend back to the circus.

Eponymous Muppet character Shrek plays a pivotal role in the storyline. The animal kingdom becomes involved with this hunt. This leads to a hilarious tale of how the beast-men attack the magical land of the humans and destroy everything, including the donkey Miss Pussywig.

The interesting thing about Dolittle is that there is always some sort of conflict between Sully and Shrek, even though they're friends. The whole movie is about the search for the ballet dancer, so one can see how the conflict might occur between the two.

Overall, the plot is simple and to the point. There is an interesting twist at the end of the film that is different from what you would expect, and it certainly made a memorable movie.

Movies like this make a great addition to any collection. This movie is one of the most charming Disney classics, and it is also a great gift for parents who love animals.

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Genres: Adventure , Comedy , Family , Fantasy

Duration: 101min

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