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Death to 2020

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The movie Death to 2021 is a mockumentary/ documentary about the infamous "Spring Breakers" controversy. It's about how the US Government got it wrong in their labeling of China as the villain in their own movie. In the movie, four Chinese students stage an illegal protest outside of the American embassy in China by gathering large numbers of tourists and government officials. They were chanting, holding signs saying "orters oppose globalization" and holding up banners with the symbols of the People's Republic of China. But, due to unfortunate circumstances that transpired while the four Chinese students were abroad, the United States State Department and the United States embassies were caught in a PR disaster.

A mockumentary/ documentary about the recent kerfuffle is much more than just an online time pass. It shows us just how important diplomacy can be, how poorly the Department of State communicated their messaging, and how much time and diplomacy was lost when dealing with Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Yang Chinese. If you thought this was simply a YouTube video, you are sorely mistaken. I found this documentary while doing some research for my book on Global Public Diplomacy and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Death to 2021 is much more than just a spoof political comedy special. It's a documentary that takes the events of the spring break crisis and puts them into a completely real context. Instead of the usual political rhetoric that one would expect from a social media satire, the documentary interviews with key members of the American diplomatic community, including Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, Undersecretary of State Thomas Pickering, and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. These individuals give their full and frank opinions of the events that transpired, as well as a funny and enlightening glimpse into how diplomacy goes wrong. It's a deeply personal look at how our country got so messed up. In short, it is a must-see documentary that could make some people very happy.

Though Death to 2021 covers many topics, it is mostly centered around Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. The film chronicles her attempts to put forth a forward-looking foreign policy in the face of economic trouble and the steady rise of the Chinese military. It also shows her attempts to connect with her cabinet, especially with aging secretary of defense Bob Gates. One memorable scene features Vice President Dick Cheney explains to Clinton how he had gotten rid of Gates because he thought he was too young to be a good leader, a comment that made me laugh out loud.

However, the most interesting and somewhat disturbing aspect of Death to 2021 is its heavy-handed treatment of China. The joke is that after a decade of great prosperity, China is now run by a powerful dynasty and wants to dictate how it will run its country. The documentary shows China's hard-nosed attempts to project an outward image of global leadership and it culminates with a comical portrayal of Mao addressing his troops. In one scene, a man dressed up as Mao is seen inspecting Chinese army recruits. The film plays coy and then cuts to a Mao with his aides inspecting the recruits, a clear message that there is no place for revolution in China.

Overall, Death to 2021 was a decent and entertaining documentary that lacking in many areas. The subject matter was too wimpy for my tastes and I felt like some of the jokes were overdone, but I do not think this film was a huge success. It did not get the attention it deserved and was probably lost in the shuffle between other documentaries. Despite this, I enjoyed it and would definitely watch another version with a slightly tighter budget. The message of Global pandemic awareness and the terrible disease pandemic that are now running rampant was well done, but maybe a documentary about bubonic plague or something different would have been more effective.

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Genres: Comedy

Duration: 71min

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