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Dead Water

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The books by author Richard Matheson, in his series, "The New Death-Ray" (which is now released in book format) provided an action filled to read to the readers. His previous book, "The Tomb of the Spider Woman" gave us a clue of what he was writing about. For this edition, he brings in the series on DVD. While the movies from this series are all movies in their own right, this movie in the series "Dead Water" serves as the prequel to what he had written earlier.

For starters, the storyline of the movie review. Being a sequel to the series, it opens with the discovery of a dead water work device. Although the job is performed by a younger worker, he happens to be a failed government agent whose job was to collect information from a group of local hoodlums and one single member of their criminal activities.

In a forest near the city, the criminal group known as the Vigilantes find him and want to make sure he is dead or captured. They go ahead and confirm his death when the work dies. The Vigilantes have made sure of it as they are already trying to determine who was the victim.

As for the man himself, he is apprehended by one of the policemen but as they are able to set up a task force for his capture, one of the Vigilantes is able to escape. Now the main force of the police and the Vigilantes are hunting for the killer in order to make certain that the people responsible are brought to justice. In the mean time, a mysterious figure named Dallas Krell is following after the Vigilantes.

Krell had been hired to find out if any of the Vigilantes have left their mission or were ever able to complete it. At this point, Krell is out to get to the person that had killed the Vigilantes and get some information on their next target.

The Vigilantes are now caught between two very dangerous anti-hero groups and both have their eyes set on Dallas Krell. If the Vigilantes are ever able to catch Krell before the Vigilantes catch him, he would be the hero and so, he's already thinking on how to get out of the situation without being caught.

The cyborg assassin Angela has returned after some time and she has heard of the Vigilantes running after Dallas Krell. She wants to take advantage of the situation and eliminate the Vigilantes before they could catch the culprit. She contacts the leader of the Vigilantes and tells him that they're ready to be attacked.

Meanwhile, in There's' team, the team is not expecting the attack and they are all on their toes to keep the Vigilantes from discovering their main target yet. The Vigilantes come to realize the danger that is in their midst when they come to discover that Dallas Krell has made his way to their location.

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Genres: Thriller

Duration: 90min

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