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Dark Forces

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It is the first game of the trilogy of games produced by LucasArts and is the only one that LucasArts has made, which many people just aren't talking about anymore. Dark Forces, for all those people that remember it fondly as a "good game", has been stripped down to the bare bones of its gameplay. Many players will tell you that this game does not have nearly enough content to keep their interest.

The thing is, if Dark Forces was at its full potential, it would be one of the most entertaining games ever developed. It would have been able to make me want to play the sequel right then and there.

The problem is that the game was so short and sparse that it really just doesn't have any content. It has only four missions, but they are all really boring and uneventful.

As you may have noticed from playing the original game, there was much more going on in Dark Forces then the side missions were. There were a whole slew of other side missions, which were actually quite enjoyable. And when the mission was over, there were still a couple of choices to make and characters to interact with.

However, in Dark Forces there are only a handful of characters to interact with and choose between. You see, in the original game there were an endless number of sides to choose from. These characters could be your allies, your enemies, and even aliens. With the limited amount of characters that are in the sequel, I was unable to experience this depth and variety.

You see, I wanted to know a final judgment on the game before I bought it, and I want to be able to pass judgment on it now. I want to be able to tell you whether or not you should play Dark Forces because of its story, graphics, or multiplayer.

Now, with all of the amazing graphics and amazing audio, Dark Forces may be the best looking video game I have ever seen. And it is certainly the best sounding, but the gameplay is pretty bare-bones.

Multiplayer is where I feel the game suffers the most. While you can play as many characters as you want and choose their gender, I just don't see the point in doing so. Sure, playing as a female character is a great way to explore a side of Star Wars you've never seen, but for a story, it just doesn't make sense to play through the main game as a male character. When you're trying to play as Luke Skywalker, you should at least be using his Jedi powers, not his gun.

I hope you'll give Dark Forces a try, because it's one of my favorites of the trilogy. but the verdict time is still out. .

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Genres: Action , Horror , Mystery , Thriller

Duration: 81min

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