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Dangerous Lies

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The Third Dangerous Lies of Marketing by Joanna Penn is the sequel to Dangerous Lies of Marketing. In the first book, Penn introduced readers to Andrew Houston and his first book, Dumbing of Age. That book took a long time to write. Now Andrew Houston is retired from his job as an ad guy and has turned to writing.

In Dangerous Lies of Marketing, he talks about his life, but not what he did in his work before that. We learn that he worked in an auto-repair shop before that, working for a contractor. He then wrote books on computer security and the best tips on how to get your own business online.

The guys at the start of the book say they wish they had all the answers, but there are too many things happening in their lives. When one of them takes a more active role in marketing, it all comes crashing down. It's another chapter in a long series.

Dangerous Lies of Marketing is about how people fail. There are many examples, but the book is mostly about individuals. The first chapter is an advice for marketers about the value of passion. The second chapter deals with email marketing, and how to get off the internet if you want to use it wisely.

The authors give out tips for marketing from home. They have some really good information, but at the end of the day, many of the tips come from hearsay. These may be useful, but this is very basic information that just may not be the most useful thing to work with.

Dangerous Lies of Marketing offers some great advice for business coaches and consultants. It discusses the importance of getting out there and doing it. If you do follow these things, it will take care of itself. But even the best laid plans sometimes don't come to fruition.

Dangerous Lies of Marketing is also full of praise for self-help books. You can't expect everyone to be successful, so it can be helpful to read something to help you. It's not every day that you get to read a short book about making money.

So Dangerous Lies of Marketing is a brief synopsis of what's really important to marketers. It doesn't cover every single aspect, but it does talk about what's important for marketers to know. There's no doubt that the authors are in tune with the market and were smart enough to tell it how it should be heard.

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Genres: Thriller

Duration: 96min

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