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Dad Wanted

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Have you ever thought of how much of an impact your dad had on your life? If so, you might want to think of how much your dad would have liked the movie Dad Wanted. Dad Wanted (Serie Naxos) is a Spanish tragedy that will warm your heart, or whatever else you were going to say, but if it does not meet its lofty goal, it is probably going to shrug its shoulders with relief and let you go on your way. I am no film critic, so I cannot tell you if Dad Wanted is good or bad, only that it is definitely worth a watch. But first things first, let us look at how the story unfolds:

We are introduced to David (Nathan Diaz), a Mexican immigrant in New York City, who is not exactly what his name implies. He is also not very good at taking care of himself. David is in a relationship with Ana (Jenna Santo), who is also not exactly what her name implies. He is also in a relationship with his boss Carlos (Javier Colon). The two guys are in love with Ana, who in turn is in love with David, but he is always thinking of another girl.

One day, David suddenly has an epiphany and decides to get back into shape. When his girlfriend refuses to join him in his plan, he heads out on a wild bike ride in search of some strength and courage. As he rides along, he finds a small town where many people are in need of help.

As he journeys further along, we find out that the reason why the town has been hit by a rash of murders is because the townspeople are all afraid to let outsiders into their community. They fear that David, whom they believe to be a criminal, might come in and take advantage of the fact that the town is closed off from other towns. He is not alone: the townspeople also worry that some evil forces are attempting to manipulate them into allowing David in to their community, which leads them to do whatever they can to prevent him from finding what he is looking for.

Meanwhile, David, who is trying to get in touch with his father, goes to visit him in his office. and asks him if he can help him find the townspeople. and his father says yes, but he would like to do it in the form of acting as a liaison between David and the community. David agrees, but in exchange for this favor, his father gives him the job as the town's sheriff.

Meanwhile, Ana is trying to save the town, but she soon finds that her love interest is David, who is in fact the sheriff of the town, but he is more interested in her than in being part of the townspeople. She realizes that the two of them have much in common, and she finally learns to love him, before she goes on her own adventure.

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Genres: Comedy , Drama , Family

Duration: 102min

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