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Cranston Academy: Monster Zone

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Based on the novel written by C.L. Stone, Cranston Academy: Monster Zone is an animated high school science fiction movie. An imaginative 15-year old high school student is suddenly transferred to a newly established boarding school, where he accidentally opens a mysterious portal to monsters from another world. Humanity has long been aware of these other Earths, but they are wary of entering and of what they might learn. When the monster attacks, the search for the lost boy becomes a dog-and-pony quest, and he soon discovers that he is being held responsible for the safety of not only his own life, but that of all others too.

The movie is made up of seven episodes that follow the opening credits, the closing credits and the end of each episode. A typical television show would have around ten or twelve episodes. This movie's listing on IMDB includes only seven episodes, making it one of the few television shows with the fewest number of credited characters of all time. The most notable character is Alex, played by Lucas Neff who also plays the son of another prominent character in the series, Dexter Stafford.

While the plot of the television show itself doesn't reveal much, many fans speculate about how the story began and how it evolved. Some of the theories involve aliens from another planet or perhaps aliens harvesting vegetables on Earth and harvesting the energy of the planet to power themselves. While these theories aren't proven, there are other aspects of the movie which raise questions and which will be covered in the upcoming Cranston Academy: Monster Zone review.

The plot of the movie revolves around the discovery of a young man named Alex (Lucas Neff) who has opened a portal into a different dimension. There he finds himself in a strange place called the monster zone, a place populated with monsters. The portal has been purposely set up to draw young teens into the boarding school where Alex opens the door. The monsters inside the zone turn out to be smarter, more aggressive monsters that attack Alex, leaving him scared and confused as he tries to run away.

From the start it is clear that the plot of Cranston Academy: Monster Zone is going to be very different from the other animated high school movies that have come before. The concept doesn't involve an endless amount of fighting between good and evil. The monsters in the film don't fight for pure evil, but they are working for some kind of higher power. The other difference is that instead of a chalkboard, the monsters in the movie use computer chips and spell books. It is clear from the beginning that the main character, Alex, doesn't believe in magic or anything of the sort. When he learns that the school is actually a portal to another world, where he will stay for three years and then become an adult, it doesn't make him think any less of the powers that be.

The online free movie site Hulu includes a short preview of the film, which you can watch below. The cast includes Alexander Flores, Alyssa Milano, and Jacob Lofland. No word on whether or not the Hulu feature will make its way to the PC, so those who want to check it out while you're online free can do so at the link below.

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