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Chick Fight

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Directed by Paul Leben's first feature since 2020's Biggest Loser, Chick Fight is based on the real life scrapping between a pair of female boxers. The movie starts in California, where aspiring female fighter Lila Rawlings (Haylie Duff) trains with her mother in a boxing gym. She meets and gets involved with local girl Joelle Soucier (Jennifer Lopez), who is training with the same boxing trainer. The two become friends and soon enough, they find themselves in the ring battling it out for the WBO Female Flyweight title.

The movie offers up a good deal of humorous moments, including a comical story about Rawlings' mother having an affair with a much older trainer. There are many other entertaining characters, as well. Some of the more memorable moments come from the various members of the "Chick Fight Club" that makes up the movie. Here are some of my favorites from the club.

Friends of Malin Akerman's onscreen partner, Rene Bonaparte (Carlo Cecchi) is another comic foil. Bonaparte is a colorful character in the film who provides the perfect touch of unpredictability. He also happens to be one of the smartest characters in the movie, so his presence in the club is always welcome. In one scene, Bonaparte is seen reading a book on chess; in another he's eating pizza while discussing the recent loss of longtime girlfriend Catrinetta (Daryl Hannah).

Another member of the "Chick Fight Club," Amber Heard (Sandra Oh), is also a hilarious foil for the two female boxers. Like Bonaparte, Heard also happens to be a world-class chess player. Her expertise in the game is demonstrated when she confidently states, "The world might be ours." However, Heard also brings in a bit of self-depreciation when she says, "Man, I could have done better." This comical scene quickly becomes one of the highlights of the movie as Amber and Catrinetta set about eliminating each other in the ring.

The climactic battle takes place in a giant coffee shop where members of both teams sit around and make fun of each other. After nearly a half hour of such entertainment, it's time for the women to face off against each other in what turns out to be an all-out catfight. It's no surprise that the movie's soundtrack includes songs that women can dance to along with songs that have general themes about women, love, and life in general. The songs are an excellent fit for a chick fight club movie, and the combination of musical theater and witty dialogues makes for a movie that's not only fun to watch, but also quite funny.

Overall, Sisters of Killings is a fun movie that's worth your time if you're a fan of female empowerment movies. The story manages to bring humor, romance, and action all into one exciting and entertaining movie. Plus, it has a strong cast of characters including Akerman, Cate Blanchett, and Meg Ryan. If you haven't picked up a copy of Sisters of Killings, I highly suggest picking up the movie now. It's a fantastic chick flick that everyone should check out.

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Genres: Action , Comedy

Duration: 98min

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