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Chemical Hearts

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The film 'Chemical Hearts' is a brilliant depiction of what happens to young adolescents when their lives suddenly become very complicated. Yet, for its serious-face facade, ”Chemical Hearts‼ never quite completely rings true. There is an overwhelming amount of solemn pondering going on here, with its ambiguous emotional highs and lows, yet this is not life as any young teenager watching it might know it. This is a film that is extremely realistic in its depiction of the effects of teenage hormones, and is a great example of how young people can actually cope with the effects of the teenage years without coming off as a weirdo.

Juan Santana stars as Michael - a boy with a big heart. He is not really the type of person to show much emotion, which is where his love for another girl comes into play. Her name is Victoria, and Michael and her have been in love ever since they met. But when Michael's father dies, Michael and Victoria's relationship take a drastic turn. They are forced to share a room, and Victoria ends up stealing money from Michael's school accounts.

Juan Santana is superb in this role. He is so convincing and real, in part because he is playing a character who is so emotionally detached. He is a teen who has grown up and is facing a whole new world of adult responsibilities. He is still only a child, but he is starting to get in over his head, and the result is a story that is both realistic and very funny.

The best thing about Juan Santana as Michael is that he never feels out of place playing the teenage role. He is a kid who knows what's right and wrong, and what people are thinking about him. He has a certain je ne sais quoi that makes him seem more likeable than he actually is, and a role that is perfectly suited to his strengths and weaknesses. He is definitely the kind of teen who have grown up in a world where life is very difficult and full of danger, but also full of adventure.

Juan Santana is perfect as Michael, and he does his job well. The chemistry between him and Victoria is amazing, and this is reflected in his acting, which is both convincing and believable.

What I really like about this movie is that it gives a glimpse of what can happen to teenagers when the hormones kick in. We never get too serious about the consequences, but we also don't let the teen characters forget that they're young. There is a definite feeling of danger and uncertainty, and that's what makes 'Chemical Hearts' a fantastic movie to watch for anyone who wants to see what life could be like if you are dealing with some of those things at your own age.

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Genres: Drama , Romance

Duration: 93min

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