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Castle Freak

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Castle Freak is a very memorable and entertaining film. The story is about a family that has been completely devastated by the loss of one of its members. An American family (bara crampton, Jeffrey Combs) who has just experienced financial and personal turmoil inherits from a great aunt a castle complete with dark and evil creature.

As you would expect, the entire family is having a good time enjoying the festivities at the great aunt's house, which is being converted into a hotel. Shortly after the party is over, the father of the family (James Belushi) returns home to discover that the monstrous creature has made an escape from his hotel and into the grounds. The only person who can stop Castle Freak is none other than Jeffediah "Chainsaw" Trower (Sam Rockwell), a freelance journalist that is on assignment for a prestigious news magazine. Castle Freak then infects the newsroom with a virus that changes the characters in Castle Freak form into vicious creatures bent on devouring human flesh.

Cast as the main villain is Michael Myers, who may look like the stereotypical villain, but in reality is portrayed by a very talented actor. Castle Freak has a rather interesting pedigree, which includes being one of three installments of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise. This makes it all the more interesting to see how Castle Freak compares to the original movies. For one, the special effects are a lot less cartoony than one would expect for a movie based on the Castle films. Castle Freak does utilize the original style of jump scares, but they are nowhere near as effective or memorable as they were in the original.

In Castle Freak the actors are essentially playing their own versions of the original characters from the original film. Sam Rockwell and Barbara Hershey are two completely different characters from the original film, and they are joined by special effects master Tim Burton who helmed the original version. The cast also includes Tiffany Parkinson as the manipulative "Big Witch", and River Phoenix as the sexy and ever-popular tate Steiniesiek.

While this movie may not hold your hand and scream "horror movie masterpiece" with its outstanding special effects and top notch acting, but it will leave you begging for more just by the great performances and unique story. It should also be noted that during the trailers for this film a voiceover was heard that could be compared to that of Tim Burton's own voice, and that adds to the already intense atmosphere of Castle Freak. All of these combine to make another spectacular horror film that any fan of the genre will enjoy.

If you want to go along with the trend and watch a Tim Burton movie during the Halloween season, you can do so with the new Castle Freak remake. This is one of the most talked about horror movies of the year, so prepare yourself for the intense scares and memorable moments that this one of the best horror films of all time will give you. During this Halloween you can also experience Castle Freak with the opportunity of renting it online for just one day, and if you are going to spend money on something that you know is going to give you intense pleasure, why not go for it with a good quality rental. For those of you who would rather watch it in the theaters, there are several theaters that are showing the Castle Freak remake including New York's Regal Broadway theater, Los Angeles' Westwood one, San Diego's Balboa Park theater, and the Miami Beach Movie Palace. So get going and see why you loved watching Castle Freak when you were young - the original version is still as funny today as it was twenty years ago.

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Genres: Horror

Duration: 106min

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