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Rogue City

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The film version of Rogue City opens with the late Andre Buys shooting up an old warehouse he owns due to a botched robbery attempt gone terribly wrong. With the warehouse overrun by zombies, the now-retired detective returns home to take out what little human life he can salvage before the undead turn on him. The first half of the movie focuses on his mental health, while the second acts as an action film-with some standout sequences including Buys' car chase with a hit-man outside of his apartment block, and the car bomb explosion at the end of the mall. But then it switches to Buys' wife, played by Holly Marie Combs, who is slowly consumed by a vengeful rage over the death of their son. Meanwhile, an opportunistic psychiatrist named Eric Stahlhimer (Philip Seymour Hoffman) arrives in town to provide medical care, only to encounter a string of mass murders committed by zombies.

Despite its headline premise, Rogue City is not a real-life, traditional zombie movie. Instead, it is an intense fantasy drama that makes subtle comparisons to our own modern world. It is a dark, foreboding vision of a future overrun by zombies that makes Damon Hill's "The Clicker" look like a grade-school children's movie. While this movie is more than just an homage to Hill's past work, it is still a smart, entertaining movie that's worth your time to download or watch online.

No matter how much you dig into movies such as 33emente, it seems that the only place you'll find new stories is in television shows. From sitcoms like My Love Connection, The X-Files and The Mentalist to reality shows like Survivor and The Amazing Race, there are plenty of brilliant ideas on television right now. But what if you could combine these brilliant TV shows with the interactive nature of internet streaming? If you're already acquainted with online video games and podcasts, then Rogue City: Chronicles of Rogue City is exactly what you should be watching.

Just in case you hadn't guessed it, the story of Rogue City: Chronicles of Rogue City follows the tale of Miguel Hidalgo (Django), a Mexican drug lord who is obsessed with finding the cure for a mysterious virus that is killing hundreds of people in the city. In order to do this, he stages raids on large drug companies, kidnaps scientists working for the government and tries to kill anyone who stands in his way. This causes a huge uproar in the city and a series of unfortunate events takes place, some of which involve the police force. The movie rogue city: chronicles of rogue city has some good things going for it. The visuals look incredibly real, especially considering the nature of 3D technology and the fact that it's been projected on Netflix.

One thing the movie doesn't have is any type of storyline but what it does have is an incredibly fun cast of characters, all of whom you come to know quite well during the series. There are numerous characters including Miguel Hidalgo, Donnie Yen, DJ Pauly D, Donnyroth and much more. Watching them interact with each other is entertaining and somewhat heartbreaking at the same time. What's more, as you watch the movie on Netflix you'll find out that there are many trailers for future projects including the second sequel, which starts shooting soon. I'm sure we'll be getting some good stuff in the second movie!

You can watch rogue online right now in the form of the third episode, entitled "The Devil's Gambit" along with the first season. The quality of the picture is excellent, while the voice acting is top notch. The visual elements are also top notch and very noticeable. There are some minor continuity errors but nothing too major. So for those who want to see the beginnings of the story then you'll really want to start with Rogue City: City of Heroes, which is currently streaming on Netflix.

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Genres: Action , Crime , Drama , Thriller

Duration: 116min

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