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Breaking Surface

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This is the fourth installment of "The Movie Series," a series of books on science fiction and fantasy films. This one, "The Serie of You, by John Gavigan," is about the third episode of the series, "The Internet," which is a black comedy about people who use the internet to spy on others. It's directed by Andrew Niccol, who made the "Titanic" movies.

It tells the story of people who are using computer software to watch people they are spying on. This has a huge side effect on the relationship between two people who have been spying on each other. The protagonist of the film is named Andy, played by "Lost" star Josh Holloway. He and his brother Hank are Internet stalkers who have been watching their father for a long time.

They decide to get a webcam so that they can watch their dad on the Internet, but they forgot to tell Hank. Hank realizes what's going on when he finds a flyer with an address on it and learns about their plan. Now Hank has to watch Andy and be his protector.

The movie follows the process of making "The Serie of You," and "The Internet." The book tells the story of how the series came to be. The writers wanted to do a sequel to the first film, so they used the story from the book as the basis for the second one. "The Serie of You" was a huge success, so people wanted more, so Gavigan came up with the idea of making a sequel.

John Gavigan told CNN that the movie shows some of the problems in how we use technology, and that his goal is to get people to think more about privacy and technology. Gavigan was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Director, but lost to "Shutter Island" director Sam Mendes. But I agree with Gavigan that "The Internet" is one of the better movies on the subject.

In the movie, the camera stays hidden so that the character Andy is able to watch his son on the Internet. But Hank makes him aware of his intention to watch him, so he can find out what the cyber stalker is doing, even though the camera is hidden.

"The Internet" was fun to read, and I did enjoy it. This book isn't very good, but it's still a good introduction to the series. "The Serie of You" didn't have the same theme, but I enjoyed it much better than "The Internet."

"The Internet" is better, because it was written for the screen, but "The Serie of You" is more interesting and keeps its suspense. I guess that the truth is that the books can be used to explain the movies better, but they can't be the same thing. But the writing style is similar, and you'll enjoy it if you're familiar with the series.

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Genres: Action , Drama , Thriller

Duration: 82min

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