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Brahms: The Boy II

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In this period of World War II, Adolph Hitler and his inner circle were out to bring down the mighty British Empire. In order to help him get his way, the British intelligence service was at their disposal. During a break in one of their secret meetings, a member of the British Elite, namely Sir Anthony Eden, met with top members of the German intelligence. The meeting was arranged for the sole purpose of discussing a plan to kill the world's greatest composer, Bach.

Working closely with the British Intelligence service and Johann Georg Adam (aka Adam deane), the Archduke Max of Austria, and Dr. Otto Martin Schickler, the head of the German musical branch at the University of Vienna, worked to discover the identity of Bach. Adolph Hitler was introduced to this information by his underling Adolph Hitler. Back in Germany, Hitler had founded the Nazis and was in the middle of establishing an international religion. After the war he was instrumental in promoting the song, "We are the masters", and that eventually made him the most famous person in the world, according to Carl von Clausewitz. In the light of the accomplishments of the Nazis, it is perhaps not surprising that Bach's identity had been discovered and his life ended up being put on public display.

The Biographical Drama, The Boy II Reich, was written by acclaimed author Yann Martel, which tells the story of Bach's mysterious assassination by the forces of the Nazi regime. With help from the internet, the biography was made available to the general public in 2020.

As the name suggests, a biopic is based on a real person or the stories of real people. When it comes to a biopic of a highly talented musician, such as Brahms, it is quite understandable why people want to see that musician's life depicted in motion pictures.

However, when it comes to the biopic, audiences often ask why the singer had a small stature and was tall and thin. To the best of my knowledge, there is no documentation stating that the tall man in the picture was actually Brahms. Because of the lengthy lines and difficulties of obtaining permission to film Bach's life, The Boy II made the choice to remove him.

As in other biopics, the audience wants to know what inspired Brahms to compose so many masterpieces, particularly in the later years. In my opinion, most of his greatness comes from his love of music and the effort that he put into his craft. The boy spent his youth working with his father and teachers to learn the guitar, saxophone, piano, and composition. Eventually, these skills would inspire him to compose, and he was an incredible composer.

One story I heard was that he would often be told to work on his compositions as if he were working at home in his living room instead of in the orchestra pit in the Vienna Philharmonic. His love of music must have been such that he never doubted the results of his efforts.

My favorite Brahms work is his Ninth Symphony, as I like to call it, and although I am not one of those music aficionados, I do love the music that I listen to. Even though I have yet to watch the movie, I have listened to the audio book several times and it has made me more excited to see the movie. Who knows, maybe I will finally be able to meet the real Brahms, or at least I hope to someday.

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Genres: Horror , Mystery , Thriller

Duration: 86min

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