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Books of Blood

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Books of Blood is a series of horror story collections written by British author Clive Barker from 1984 and 2020. There are seven books altogether, subtitled Volume I through to volume 7, which were later re-released in two omnibus volumes containing five volumes each.

The name of the series is derived from a line from a book called The Book of the Damned Dead, a novel written by Clive Barker and set in an alternate universe where a cult of vampires had established a reign of terror. The name "Books of Blood" was later used by other writers in this area of supernatural fiction.

Books of Blood is written from the first person perspective of a man called John Milton, who is in pursuit of a serial killer known as The Red Man. Milton and The Red Man travel to England to track down the killer. Milton discovers that The Red Man has been killing young women called The Dolls.

When Milton finally catches up to The Red Man and kills him, he is then killed by the same Red Man's daughter, The Bride of Frankenstein. This causes Milton's soul to leave his body for the afterlife.

After Milton's death, his ghost appears to be trying to find out who has taken control of The Red Man's House and the House of Frankenstein's Lab. He then attacks Milton's sister, The Bride of Frankenstein and the House of Frankenstein's lab with his own soul and tries to get Milton to join him in an effort to create a new world, which will hopefully be free of all the evils of the old one. Eventually Milton joins forces with the devilish spirit and tries to destroy both worlds.

Although there are a few similarities between the Books of Blood series and The Ring of the Nibelungen, it is not a direct copy. In the latter, the primary villain is the Nibelungen which is described as being a giant demon. The Nibelungen is also described as having six eyes and a wide mouth, unlike the bloody mouth of The Bride of Frankenstein, whose mouth is only four-prongs long. Books of Blood also does not have a similar set-up like The Ring of the Nibelungen where The Red Man possesses The Bride of Frankenstein's soul to do his bidding.

Although books of blood has been adapted into several television series and movies, it is still considered one of the best examples of supernatural fiction. Many people have praised its unique writing style and the way it manages to create an atmosphere where the reader does not necessarily feel as if he or she is reading a book about the supernatural. However, the series was also criticized for the fact that the characters were often not developed properly.

With Books of Blood, some fans felt that the story was too unbelievable and had too many unbelievable elements that were just thrown in to fill space. There were also many who felt that there was too much information in the story that was not presented in a clear and concise manner. However, most fans appreciated the way that the author managed to write in a literary manner while still maintaining the sense of mystery that the novels are known for.

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