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You might not have heard of Bloodshot before but if you have watched a lot of other the movies, you might be familiar with this character. The story is very gruesome and has some pretty dark humor.

Tyler Smith is a very lonely and crazy killer. He is in prison for killing his ex-girlfriend. He gets his opportunity to kill a good person when he is arrested. He is put in a minimum security prison where he is forced to play the role of a victim.

This person finds himself in prison and realizes that they are supposed to die. He doesn't know what to do but when he meets a fellow inmate, he really does get help from the other inmate. They begin to talk and by the end of the movie you will think that they really are a couple.

The main character, in this movie, is played by Cody Horn, who is the son of Richard B. Horn. He also plays Roland Gruber in the Wes Craven's series of movies.

The movie really is quite brutal and even if you don't like violence, this one really is not for everyone. It has some real and gruesome moments that will have you crying. There are many little things in this movie that you have to see. You will be amazed at what happens in the end of the movie.

I found it hard to find the happy ending after all of the horror. I felt that this was so over the top and different from other movies out there. But as a fan of the Bloodshot series, I had to see this movie. It is the perfect answer to those who asked: is it worth watching the movies?

I still love watching the movies and the action scenes in the gorierversions. But when you get to a point where you are not even interested in seeing what happens, it just gets boring to watch. You need something that will make you want to scream and cry and in this case, it does that.

If you don't mind the gore and the extreme violence, this movie is for you. You will get a chance to watch a character that looks and acts like a man who deserves his punishment.

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