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Blood and Money

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The Blood and Money are an excellent concept for a television show. However, despite the fact that this is such a great idea, the shows writing and directing just did not work. This is one of the only episodes that have been quite forgettable since it aired.

This is a three part episode and each of the three parts are titled: Bloody Battle, Blood Hunt, and Running For It. When we first see the show, there is no relation to the blood or money in this series. These three parts are about the three combatants.

Scott Mimer (Billy Zane) is a hit man who uses his intellect to eliminate his opponents. Scott and his partner, Gloria (Judy Greer), are working for the woman who ran the hitman for hire. Scott runs into his friend, Kane (Joe Perry) who asks Scott if he wants to go with him to a meat packing plant where they will get out the meat that he has been promised. Later, after Scott loses a fight, Kane agrees to take him to the slaughterhouse where Scott meets with Jake (Brandon P Michel).

Jake is a private detective who works for The General Services Agency (GSA). Jake doesn't seem to have much of a problem with killing, but he seems to have a rather soft spot for Scott. Later, when Scott is in London, he finds that Jake has been hired by GSA to find him.

The General Services Agency runs a large corporation that oversees the country's food and entertainment industry. However, this corporation is also at the center of an international mafia war. We also learn that the corporations that run these industries control their governments through various means, such as trade agreements. With this information, we can start to get a better understanding of what is going on.

Because of this, both Scott and Greer are extremely rich, but they need the money to continue with their lives. The show also leads into a conversation about how the wealthy hide wealth. Since Scott has lots of money, he hides this wealth behind his shirt and makes lots of investments. But because of his experience with Jake, he knows that these investors are really more interested in their money than in the lives of the wealthy.

On the other hand, Greer's assets are much smaller and her life revolves around her children. She seems to understand the difference between wealth and not wealth. This is an important distinction and shows that this series is really targeting the middle class.

In the end, we learn that Greer is not interested in the lives of the wealthy. Instead, she is interested in taking out the dangerous mobsters and their money. Scott takes the life of Jake because he needs Jake to make his investments work. But Greer's motivations for the episode aren't entirely clear.

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Genres: Thriller

Duration: 89min

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