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Bill & Ted Face the Music

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A future visitor from the future informs best friends Bill & Ted, that their songs can restore peace to the world and save humanity as we understand it. The best friend from a distant future tells his friends, in essence, that Bill & Ted face the music all the way.

Bill & Ted Face the Music is based on a concept in the future, where humans are on a collision course with a faraway enemy known only as the "Music Maker". The alien race intends to use a device that will allow them to control all music across the world, by using it to control the weather and the world's population, with the sole objective of exterminating humanity. Bill & Ted face the music all the way is an animated comedy movie which stars Craig Ferguson as Bill Murray and Jeff Dunham as Ted.

When a robotic invasion of Earth begins, Bill & Ted must go to the next level to stop it and protect the planet. Their friendship takes a new turn when they meet a computer genius, played by Edward Furlong, who's capable of destroying alien weapons in his sleep. As their friendship deepens, Bill & Ted face the music all the way becomes one of the funniest films of all time, with an incredible plot that includes Ted and the love interest of Bill.

Bill & Ted Face the Music is set around the year 1995 in the future. In this world where people have become too dependent on technological gadgets, a group of teenagers from Chicago to realize the potential danger presented by the evil alien race. They also discover that their friends are being held captive, because the aliens are using their music to brainwash human beings. The film ends with the alien leader being captured by humans and his evil devices destroyed. The two future friends reconcile after the credits, with Ted wishing that he had listened to them sooner.

When the film first began, there were questions as to whether or not Craig Ferguson would be able to bring the same level of talent to Bill & Ted Face the Music that he brought to his movies like National Lampoon's Animal House and Slacker. It was widely assumed that Craig Ferguson would not be able to give the same level of hilarious acting performances as he did to these movies. but he was able to make the most of his lines hilarious. His ability to deliver the right level of humor is what makes the film so entertaining.

While Bill & Ted may have started off as a light-hearted sitcom, over the years the film has evolved into something a bit more serious. As the film progresses, we learn that the true nature of their relationship and how they actually meet the music maker. The relationship between Bill & Ted and the music maker becomes a little more complicated, as we see the musical side of the characters and the strange alien from far away.

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